Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm not funny anymore...

A friend MSN-ed me and told me that he felt my past few entries in my blog seems less funny and "creative".

Sad isn't it?

Yeah... Other than being busy (don't know for what), the other reason that I'd blogged less is that, I felt rather "uninspired".

But wait.. I'm still funny in real life, because I can talk more freely, stupider and 'yellower', and that's something that I can't do here with blogging (since you all know that I'm a teacher... I have a good image to jaga for)

I don't know for you but, I disagree with the whole "This is my blog, I write whatever I want. If you don't like, just leave!".

Unless you make your blog private, else anyone can just log in and read what you wrote freely. And people can leave whatever comment they want, whether you like it or not...

You write what you want, and so people can also comment what they want. Fair and square.

If, you write what you want and disallow people to comment what they want and called them names, tell me... who's the one being unreasonable?

(And there should be nothing personal about it...I mean the hate commentors gonna be logic with what they wrote lah. And not simply attack the blogger just because)

Of course, a lot will voice out again, "THIS IS MY BLOG LEH!". Abuthen? You let people to read what? If you can't take negative comments, why do you want to blog like that in the first place?

I know a lot (of bloggers) will disagree with me because I saw "I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO READ!" or "DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ LAH!" more while blog hopping (well, mostly the younger ones did that) and it's very funny when they actually stated something like "Feel free to write a comment" and later get so worked out over it when it's a negative one, and later delete it off silently.

So.... does that mean that the purpose of that blog is mainly for self-pleasing? If that's so, I'll suggest that you might as well stop wasting time blogging and just self-admire in front of the mirror whole day.

Bloggers should be cautious about what they choose to blog because you never who will be reading it. If you're blogging for self-reading purpose, you might as well write it on your diary and lock it up in your drawer.

* * *

Yeah yeah yeah.. I'm sound so serious here.

Yes, I'd been seriously annoyed by some people's irresponsible act lately. Gah! Stupid. I just hope that everything will be make clear and everyone will know the truth behind. Bloody slanderer. You'll get it one day!

I'm sorry that I can't tell you what is it about because it's rather sensitive. But, if you happened to have me in your MSN list, I won't mind telling you if you ask.

* * *

Now now.. just give me a break and I promise I'll blog more as soon as the school holiday starts. And it'll be funnier than this. =)

For the moment... I'll just leave you all with this one last photo taken this evening. Bobby and I went to the Millionth Barrel monument for a walk at the beach.

Nonnie is still funny!

Now, if you may pardon me.. I got a boyfriend to entertain now.

*Turn around and look at gigi-besi*

Damn! He fell asleep while waiting for me to blog.

Bah... I have to wake him up now. Bye.

p/s: Anymore entry for the caption game below?

p/p/s: This entry is so stupid..and not funny. still love me right? (Try hard to act pity with my small eyes)


De Pianist said... serious ya..actually honestly to say,i've written those before in my blog once,that was before i become so mature liao (aiseh..=p)..know how to think le now won't mention that anymore,cuz though ppl is giving bad comments,it might be constructive to me in other ways.(of course,if it's a personal attack and not about my post,that's another story liao lah..hehe.)

see,i'm growing up liao lu..ngekngekngek.

anyway,although this post ain't funny,i still love you!because i just love to pinch your chubby cheek!though i still can't get the chance to pinch you,but you wait.cuz i'm gonna fly to brunei one day and pinch your personally..ngahahahaha!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.... actually who say u are not funny.. based on ur last entry, u are still funny wor.. hahaha!! i know u gotta watch ur words and stuffs that u wanna blog cos u ned to potray a good image kua...

but i have to agree with ur points.. some ppl cant take comments and stuffs but if cant take comments, then dun blog lor.

i tink blogging is just another platform for ppl to pour out what they wanna say.. and i agree with u, if cannot take comments, just write on a personal diary lor... solve all the miseries...

wah, paulene so mean ar, say u have chubby cheeks?? hahaha!!

no lah,,nonnie not chubby but cute...

and yes, u are STILL funny... hehehe!!

JaMiLLa said...

This is my first time to write comment in King blog bcos I FEEL like saying somethin here.

Talking bout FUNNY ...yeah one of the reason why I keep on visiting her blog bcos the way she express in matter is FUNNY and INTERESTING and d more attract me is HER PIC and d editing.

But then let's move yourself into more deeper thoughts. As a human, we cant always be funny for 24hrs. We always have this wavy mood, up & down and up & down or just steady.

Rather than focusing on king's funniest, I prefer to enjoy each moment that she has in each day. What she is doing, where she go, what obstacles that she encounter....

If all the blog is just aim for FUNNY, one day u will feel boring too. Especially your level of being FUNNY will not be the same in each time. If you are trying to focus on what level of funniest that people want you to be, you will never be the best of you. If people think thats not funny but u think its funny, u just tell him/her "OK I respect that its not funny for u but I'm sure my funniest will reach you again in my next blog so pls visit my blog randomly. Thank You!" Think and response it in a positive way...

I would like to read the different kind of moods that King encounter. Not only when she is happy and funny but also when she is disapponited, anger, guilty, being blame, sad and so on. Im not trying to curse her but then as human, we got time for ε–œζ€’ε“€δΉ. Dont try to avoid all this emotional feeling bcos its a part of your life. Try to feel it and choose what to do with it in a positive way like choose to feel good with that feeling. If you feel like crying, then just cry. Don't think that as a guy, you shd not cry for the matter. I give my respect to those guy who is allowing himself to feel cry. Of course, you cant cry for a long term. Everything need to be balance. Not less or more. If you keep on avoiding ur emotional feeling, one day you gonna burst out cos u r not being able to release urself.

Writing on ur blog can be in different ways to make it more interesting not just one way. Its like sharing information among people here. Like this post, I get the information that King encounter something not goin smooth which is related to blame, guilty and truth. This might not be the real. I just write what I feel from her post. I'm glad that i get this info bcos I know King, my best fren had something in her mind now. We are best fren but we did not hang out since 6 or 7 years ago. So it's important to have blog.

No matter its funny or not funny, feel glad that you still can hear something from what shes blogging. Thats mean shes still alive. HAHA! It's best to blog the obstacle that you had. Thats the time to see how you handle or do your best to overcome it. You might not be knowing how to solve it but by telling or blogging here, you can feel much better than without expressing it. U might get some caring from your truely fren. But of course, its her CHOICE to do that or not. I just hope I can see her blogging in different ways.

This is just my comment. Free to listen or not. You have the choice.

King, don't expect you gonna be funny all the time OK? Just do your best. Cheers up for the matter that doesnt go with your way.

Chau said...

Oh come on, give Kingy a break... It is a place where she wants to say what she wants and not a place for "your" entertainment...

Dear Kingy, don't be bothered by them. You just keep up your own style and say whatever thingy you want to say... haha

("your" = the complain~er)

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : See you fly to Brunei or I fly to Melbourne / Malaysia first lah! Who first who win the pinch, deal?

Iwan : Sigh.. If only I had started to blog using anonymous identity then I can ching-chai hamtam talk crap liao lo.

But still, because I am who I blogged, thus earning friends like you all. =)

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : Wah seh.. You write composition ah? Yes, I was damn boh-liao copy and paste your comment to MS word and did a word count, 644 words yoh!

Thank you for the support.

Chau : I know you love me~

Sigh.. You better get internet connection else when I'm damn angry I also don't know where to find you.

War186 said...

Nonnie is still funny! I still love your blog. :) Don't make others bother you yeah. Just keep blogging however you want. You won't lose your loyal readers. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Yesh yesh! I know my readers love me still.