Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunset at The Billionth Barrel Monument

Short Note:
Yeah!!!! It's that time of the year again,
SCHOOL HOLIDAY!! But I still have 2 projects on hand to finish by this holiday. BooOoOOOOoooOOo...

Anyhow, I think I'll be blogging more since my brain will be having more time to think of silly stuffs.

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WARNING: If you had just fallen out of love or just had a big fight with your other half, you might need to reconsider continue reading because you probably will find this entry provoking / irritating / annoying / feel nauseous seeing us so happy together (which I don't really care...)

On last Thursday, Bobby came down from BSB and dropped by Seria to pay me a visit before he left for Miri for his upcoming war of exam. I had a sudden urge to feel the warm sea breeze and buried my feet under the muddy sand, and so I asked if he wanted to go to the beach.

We went to the Billionth Barrel Monument which is like... 5~8 mins drive time away from my place. And the reasons I chose that place over the beach near to OGDC were because of the nice parking lot and it has a better walkway to the beach. One more.. there's more people hanging around there, well.... mostly Gurkhas (working out and showing off their well-built but short bodies) though.

"Billionth Barrel Monument" is just so lengthy to say and so my friends and I often called it "6 legs" instead. Short and Simple. Well.. actually we love calling places name that is very "kasar" and easy to remember, example - 4 Breasts or 4 Mushrooms for the "Tudung Salji Food Court", in case you have no idea where is it... it's the "head branch" for Lee Loi Fatt. And I assure you, it taste better compare to the branch in Kiulap, BSB. *drooling while imagining Cucur Udang + Sotong + Ice Cendol*

It was after taking the above photos with my old-but-not-so-lousy 5.0MP FX8, I turned to Bobby and said, "Know what? I think I should take up photography. But... (D)SLR is so expensive. Will you buy for me after you start working?"

Hehehe. I forgot what he answered liao. Nothing good I think, if not sure I'll remember. But normally his standard answer is, "I'll buy you if I can afford it". We'll see when the time comes.

It was not easy to take the above photos as there were no one helping us to take it and so I had to set it auto-take after 10 seconds. First attempt - FAIL, because we jumped too fast. Second try, Okay~

But the whole process was pretty funny because I had to position the camera and Bobby had to listen to my order to know where to stand. And after clicking, I had to run asap to Bobby and get ready for the jump. Mind you.. we're not alone. I guess those people who witnessed the whole process must had thought that I'm jobless and crazy.

Overall, a great and sweet outing at the beach with my love one!

p/s: Caption Game result in the next post.


Bobby said...

A DSLR camera offers better quality image picture, but a moment is truely captured in our eyes where even a camera might not really see what we see. (I'l try buy for you next time)
The Billionth Barrel Monument is really a romantic place to go and also a nice place to relax or go jogging. Brunei do have many such places that I would like to go which next time we must visit all ok nonnie.

Kenny Ng said...

Get to know the basic theory of photography before u get a DSLR if not you will get a even worst picture quality. Your 5.0M pixel not bad at all.

I'm Choonie. said...

I like the new way you paste your pics. Really very creative. I wish I can do that too.
Your holiday just started? Mine just finish. Tomorrow will be the first day school after hol.
DSLR camera is not easy to handle. Trust me. I got myself a Canon S3 but till now I can't get a good motion/candid photos. Kenny is right. Without basic theory pf photography, you will get a even worst picture.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Well, we'll always have time if you can get up from the bed once I wake you up. =p

Kenny : Yesh Sifu! Anyway, I think DSLR is too expensive for me to play now.

Choonie : Thanks! I thought no one will realized that I'd changed the way I display and edit those photos.

So cham ah? Malaysia and Brunei andang have different holidays.

And as for the DSLR camera, I think I won't get it in a short period of time since I know nothing about it.

De Pianist said...

at first i don't understand why you call it as 6 Legs..but after viewing the last picture,i only get to know why.hahaha..=p.

about cameras,lolz...i'm a idiot with it.heck,i still don't really know how to handle with my camera somemore.haha..terrible i can't advice anything on photography at all..

anyways,romantic day at the beach lalat fly pass,right?hahaha..=p.

good that you're gonna have a holiday already.i still have to wait for a month more for my holidays..i'm desperate..=.=

War186 said...

Love the way you put and edit your pics in your blog. As always, very creative. And so romantic lah the beach outing with Bobby. I notice you jumped higher than Bobby. Maybe you were a lot more hyper yeah? Hehe.

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : You thought we ching-chai give names one is it? Kekekkeee. For someone so good in art but don't know how to operate a camera, strange.

No lalat but a lot of sand fleas wor. So does it make me flea-gal now? :p

Are you coming back to Malaysia for your holidays?

Wardah : Hhehehee. Because I'm lighter than him that's why I get to jump higher *wink*

Sha said...

I love all the pics in this post. Very nice :)

De Pianist said...

nonnie,lolz..i know how to take photos,but i have problems adjusting some functions in it..really an idiot with that.haha..=p.a lot of sand flea ar?do they follow and bite you?if not,you still cannot upgrade to Flea Gal yet..muaahahaha!

yea,i'm going back to m'sia,but please don't mention it in my blog.i wanna give a surprise to my fellow friends there.they still don't know about this.hehehe..=p.

Iwan Sanchez said...

Goin to beach is one way to experience tranquility... hehehe!!

So romantic one.... hahaha!!

I love the monument.. looks like a diamond ring lei.. hahaha!!

p/s: i cant wait for the caption game results!!

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Thanks!

Pauline : So what are you going to give me for keeping my mouth shut leh? *hint - something edible*

Iwan : Diamond ring? First time I heard people say like that. Well.. looking at it, it does look like a huge diamond ring though. Good imagination!

cc said...

These are really beautiful photos. Well done! :)