Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seria - Miri - BSB - Seria

First thing first,

Happy 端午节!!!
Uhmm... okay, I know there are tons of you out there who can't read that three Chinese words and obviously they are not "Wo Ai Ni". It says "Duan Wu Jie", meaning Dragon Boat Festival and I'd blogged about it already last year.

And.. I'm so going to eat rice dumplings and play with eggs tomorrow.

As mentioned in the previous post, I'd been away for few days (and apparently no one miss me.. *sobs*) to have some quality time with gigi-besi as he'd finished his exams. It turned out great and we really had fun. Well.. just by staying beside your love one is already fun and satisfying enough isn't it?

I followed Theen and James down Miri as they wanted to go shop... or I should say "window-shop" for some furnitures. Bobby and I had fun walking around and imagine and plan our future dream house, dream sofa, dream bed, dream this and that.. Sigh..All dreaming nya. Gives us some more time will ya?

I wished I could take some pictures of us inside the furniture shop but there was a sign saying "No camera allowed".

And so, next we went to Boulevard as Luuee told us that there was this Mr. Miri event going on there. Don't give me the gleeful smile yet ladies, not what you're thinking~ You know, oily muscular uncles.. I mean men, having sparkling spray paint all over their face and body are just not my type.

Still, I took some pictures for your benefits in case any of you like to see oily men with obvious veins and scary muscles wearing super tight and small underwear.

Uhm... The first question that popped up in my mind and asked Bobby was,

"Do they got put anything inside their tight panties?"

And don't you dare to pretend and tell me that you never thought of the same!

Erm, did you guys noticed the man on the second left? Don't you think he's a little chubby to be Mr. Miri? Bobby said he could have wait a little longer (like 7, 8 months?) as he's already in the middle of weight gaining and all he need to do is eat something-something to lose the fats. Or, something like that? (Not interested mah....So don't bother to listen and remember it clearly lor)

I hope no one that he knows is seeing this.

After a simple meal at KFC and a few rounds in the shopping mall, we walked out empty-handed and headed back home (because I wanted to watch TV =p, I'm a TVholic!).

While being stuck in the bloody traffic, we saw this man sitting high on top of the proposed flyover.

Very dangerous can? I bet its all nails and wooden planks on the ground and lots of cars beside it. I really couldn't imagine if he fell down *touchwood*, but it did made me get down of the car and PAKAT him.

Note: PAKAT not as in "working together" or 合作, but stopping them due to safety measures. Argh... Don't know how to explain and Google is not helping. But I know those of you who works with Shell, or Shell contracted company will get it lah.

* * *

Next. Fast forward to our dinner. Don't worry, no pictures of food. Just drinks. because we only ordered normal stuffs like lamp chop and curry chicken rice and there's nothing so special about it. But the drink, for me it is lah. And so I present you the...

As you can see from the above photo, it's Ribena + 7-up + lemon slices + ice cubes, but it taste really really really good! How difficult can it be? And so Bobby and I decided to try to make it ourselves the next day.

* * *

Fast forward the next morning.

Hehe. Out of the blue, Bobby woke up earlier than me and cooked me breakfast.

*BRB. Overdose of sweetness now. Got to take off the smile on my face before I can blog normally*

Oh well, even though it's instant porridge, but still... the thought and action of him waking up early, cooked for me and made me (another instant) hot drink is grateful enough.

Forgot to mention, this guy cleaned up the his room, living room and the bath room + toilet bowl so that I could enjoy my stay there... Sweet leh? Anyway, that place really needs some major cleaning.

Hello? We're talking about a guy who can't even fry an egg here. All that he knows is boil stuffs.. I mean food.

*whisper - He even boiled burger patties! -faint- *

And talk about creativeness.. Hah! Porridge + minced meat / shredded chicken / century egg is out.. The latest "in" thing invented by Mr. Lim is,



And yes, that's what he ate most of the time after he wear braces and thus it caused him malnutrition and gets thinner. There, Bobby's secret diet meal as most of you had always wanted to know. Now show me the money =p

It was also the same day that I realized he has...

Damn mafan (troublesome)....

* * *

Then we went to the usual shopping mall again to kill time and eat!

Forgot to say, those who just fall out of love..sorry ah, if this entry bring back memories and make you sad. Just don't leave me any hate comments and tell me that Bobby is ugly because I don't really care.

And this tee Rebbe,

... I so much wanted to buy this for you so that your darling (if any =p) can wear it. But the quality wasn't that good (definitely can print out the bra) and I think it was meant for size XXXS babies even though it printed "Free size" there. Of course, if you want her to wear for you only at private moment and not public display.. still can buy lah.

* * *

After some shopping, cleaning (his room - and I found 3 empty tissue boxes again and he claimed that it's his "collection"! Yeah right.. soon-pien collect dust and cobwebs mah!) and packing (his stuffs), we then headed back to Brunei.

We rushed to Supa Save to get Ribena, lemon and 7-up (for the Ribena 7-up remember?) and also bread for breakfast tomorrow.

And I did it!!!

Well.. the first two attempts was a failure as:

1st try = Fail because I poured Ribena before 7-up, which got both drinks mixed up straight away without having the pretty two layers result.

2nd try = Fail again because Bobby had no skill pouring the Ribena softly in to the glass.

3rd try = My turn and of course I did it since I'd learned my lesson from the previous mistakes made.

And I named it the,

Heh, purposely put the lemon slices like that so that it looked like a pair of eyes, and the purple Ribena looked like the mouth.

* * *

After enjoying our drinks, I then start working on wrapping Chau's farewell gift and her very last-minute card.

*Opps. I wore it before its rightful owner did. But don't you think it's pretty cute?*

And finished making the card in ah hour time.
Nice? It's a very last minute work so Chau, 請見諒。

* * *

Since Bobby cooked me breakfast on Sunday, and so I volunteered to cook him on the next day.

I'd prepared Egg in the basket + 2 extra slices of toast + 2 (almost burnt) sausages + milk.

I know it doesn't look very appealing to you but believe me, not I sell-flower-say-flower-smell-nice, it tasted really good!

Not bad for the first try liao.

* * *

After breakfast, Bobby and I went up to BSB to see Chau Chau off.

Pardon that swollen face + eyes of mine.. just wake up not long mah. Understand a bit lah.

See this, better right?

(picture taken while waiting for our food in Pizza Hut)

Speaking of Pizza Hut, there's something I wanted to say...

You know we ordered chicken wings, and

I hope that explained what I wanted to say..

Pizza Hut, why you so kiam / karit / stingy to give the whole piece of "real" chicken wing instead of breaking them into half. No offense but, even pasar malam stall also more generous than you ah.

* * *

While waiting for our movie (Ocean's 13) to start, we went to buy ourselves a cup of

Mixed (Vanilla + Yoghurt) Brownie Ice cream

Damn..seeing the picture again makes me feel so hungry now lah. Look at the time now, 2.09am.. I better finish this entry and go sleep before I become a big tikus searching for food.

The ice cream and Me
(without any make-up)

Boyfriend claimed that "powdered" face is not kissable or kissing-friendly and thus prefers me not to wear any make-up.

Weird isn't it?

Anyway, gotta hit the sack now. Good night.
(Most likely you might be reading this in the morning =p)


<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

1st book first!!!! then time for my comment.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

oh my god. i typed a long long comment. and it got deleted. since i accidentally press a link before the comment was posted... ahhh no!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm... i'll just go straight to the point.

that guy is kinda fat. =p

bobby can try soft meat or veggie alredi. something harder than fishballs. unless his braces special case. then can get fat as you like him to loh. =p just feed him oily food. very oily.

people who dunno how to really cook usually cook hot dog/egg/fishball. those kind loh. luncheon meat?

brownie Ice cream, i don't like. especially the brownie. but well, i'll hate it now. it's sticky n i have braces.

i like light make-up, that's fer sure, but i don't have gf experience, so i dunno the kissing part.

n oh yah. i'm lazying, so i only use one toothbrush now. =p

War186 said...

I so understand what you mean about furniture shops disallowing pictures being taken. Well, some anyway. You think you could maybe take pictures so you can plan your dream furniture for your dream house, but no, they won't allow it. Heh. Bitter.

Urgh I despise oiled muscle men. They just look disgusting to me. Eww. All the hardwork is for what? Shrinkage down there. Haha.

My pakat definition would be 'working together' so I don't really understand what you're talking about Nonnie hehe.

I shall try the Ribena + 7up drink someday hehe. Your modified drink looks cute btw with the 'eyes' and all hehe.

Haha Bobby's boiled burger patties before?? He's so silly hehe.

I hear you about Pizza Hut being stingy. Maybe I should boycott them eh? Right. Haha. A drumstick and wing together should be counted as one piece loh.

Makeup-less is the way to go. More makeout-able that way. ;P

Iwan Sanchez said...

eh... jason can book one meh?? hahahahahhaha!!

wah.. the game is getting more andm ore exciting lah... lolz!!!

hmmm... firstly, i tink soem of the guys in Mr Miri looks so thin lah... hahaha!!

and nonnie, i tink they never put anything inside their panties lah.. i tink its natural gift from god..

that was so sweet for bobby to prepare the breakfast for you.. though it might just be a simple dish, its the tought that counts..

When i see your hotdoag, i was like laughing... hahaha!! why until chao tar? hehehe!!

is it becos u are so touched by bobby actions that u are tinking abt it and didnt realized the sausage hangus liao?


i try ribebna in cream soda but not like urs lei.. the colour so nice!! mine is liek all purple.. hehehe!!

after seeing all those pics of foods, i can only conclude Nonnie and bobby is goin to gain weight!!!


Tasha said...

Almost burn sausages?? its black.. he he he I like your hair now :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!Powdered face where got kissable!! U will end up with a mouthfull of powder!! Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Jason : LOL. You really "booked" the first place. Steady ar.

Yeap, that contestant was kinda fat and I wonder how he sneaked in to that competition.

Bobby ate anything now, the porridge + fishball was his staple for the first 2 weeks after the braces. And yes, I loving forcing, I mean feeding him food now, the oilier, the better.

Luncheon meat? Cannot.. that one require skill to fry, which he can't. Like I said, he can only B-O-I-L.

No wonder he doesn't eat the brownie too lah, I'm the one who gobble 3/4 of it and he just mingle a little. Sigh, feeding plan failed.

... I don't know.. Shall I encourage you to get a gf or are you still too young for it? I mean, a brilliant boy like you for sure will be very fussy when it comes to picking your dream girl.

One toothbrush? Good for you.. I have to wait 15 minutes for gigi-besi to finish brushing his teeth! And he can't stop looking at the mirror just to check if his teeth is in right position.


Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Ya lor.. So potong-stim. I was thinking to take pictures of us lying on the bed looking sexy lagi. Foursome mah. LOL.

Exactly. They worked so hard to get everything tone up and still can't fight the force of gravity what. I can imagine their boobies drop much like ladies one too.

PAKAT is like a stop card from HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) safety policy. So if we see anything unsafe, we can PAKAT them and ask them to stop. Ask any people who works for Shell or Shell contracted. Sure they know one.

And the Ribena 7-up taste really good, albiet unhealthy =p

I know, I don't know whether I should get mad or laugh over that matter. It's just so outrageous.

Aiyah.. people big big franchised restaurant where will listen to small customers like us.

I love what you said, "Makeup-less is the way to go. More makeout-able that way". Definitely going to be Bobby's quote.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Well, he learned his lesson from the previous experience. Once he arrived the page first and wrote a long comment, and someone Effy entered my blog and wrote a shorter comment and eventually become the first commentor. And so, he's smart enough to 'book' the place first now.

Well, there are some okay one. But.. their shiny powder on the face make me cannot see the face properly. I thought Mr. Miri should be more base on face than body =p You sure they don't stuff anything in their panties? Because having such thunder thighs, it is almost imposibble to spot their little willy isn't it? Die.. I shouldn't have say it.

Aiyoooo... Don't say it out lah. I already said "Almost burnt" liao mah. Haven't chao-tar yet lah. Still edible and not cancerous wor. Just..a little too brown nya. Hehhehe. Should have boil it before I fried it. And no, Bobby was shitting when I cooked those sausages.

Hehehe. Getting 2 layers for the drink is the hard part and makes it look so pretty. You try next time lah, remember to pour soda before ribena.

*touchwood* He's going to gain weight and not me. I'm already fat enough...

Nonnie King said...

Tasha : Yes, I insist that it's almost burn.. and it's dark brown and not black. Hehehheheee. Still edible and non-cancerous.

My hair has grown into an awkward length and always flying here and there over the shoulder. But I don't feel like going for another rebonding and perming. Just leave it as it is nya.

Horny Ang Moh : LOL. Where got so kua-chang till mouthfull of powder. At most also the lip and tongue become yellowish brown nya mah~

r&al said...

eh, if that guy can join mr miri then i can join also.. lol..

the shirt looks ganas then i saw the teddy bear.. nda jadi ganas, cute tia..

De Pianist said...

aiyer,i dislike those oily man..should name it as Mr Oily Man than Mr Miri bah...=.=..

and that guy seriously have to go build up his muscles more.i can only see fats all over his body only..==""!

ribena and 7-up?ooooh..i'll try to make this one day..haha..why not try Sunkist and Sprite?experimenting with sodas..cool lah..haha..bleh.

eh..fish balls not really in yet...should ask him to boil porridge with MEAT BALLS and SCALLOPS!ngahahahah!wanna make him fat,ask him to eat those,and since he can't fry things,boil sausages and boil eggs bah..sure gain weight d..ngahahaha!=p!

hahaha..your sausage really chao huey ta..ooops..is almost burnt sausage..ngehehehe....

oh my god!Ice Cream!i didn't eat it for like nearly 3 months already!hmm..must go buy Honeydew flavoured ice cream already later..

and the good thing is,it won't melt that fast in such a cold weather in melb...lalalalala...=p!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah nonnie AKA lalat gal,
u replied so lengthy for our comments...


thanks yeah!!

Kenny Ng said...

I miss the dumpling festival again for 5 years already... sad. Last time I almost join the body builder training but I gave up... hahaha, if not I have to wear like that, gerli la. The superman trying to suicide is it? Aduh... forgot what u blog already... too much into 1 post :P

Effy said...

I've lost the number one spot to JASON! Sigh. Where have i been? Hehe.

Personally the sight of bulky men puts me off, just the physical feature but nothing against them. Maybe one day I might change my mind? For goodness sake lah, can they do it in minimum. I just don’t get it. The bigger the body, the greater the ego?

My mom told me something about it; the only thing I remembered was that she told me to wear the safety belt whenever I’m out using their cars. Something about points being deducted, called to the office, warning letters or s*** like that. But ever since I’m here at this place called my second home, I’ve never driven out without wearing safety belt. Brilliant!

I must try that! Thank you for sharing. Haha.

Talking about chicken!! The best BBQ chicken wings I’ve ever tasted were in TAIPING, Perak. Goodness! But it is RM2 per piece lah. We ordered like 40 pieces. Finger licking good sia!!

I love MAKE-UPS! Just lightly lah, foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, brow pencil, blusher and a touch of nude color lipstick! Haha.

End note: I seriously think you’re life is daaammmmnnnnn happening la. You have so much to tell!

Kelly said...

To Effy first - hahaha, that's because one simple thing, she can emphasize on it a lot = talkative!!

ah king,ah bobby, i guess you guys should really take up cooking class loh...eitherwise your kids next time eat what oh? mum's burnt sausages or daddy's porridge(with fishball,which i thought it was meatball????) sorry ah, i cant help thinking of the burnt sausages when "tasha" said - it's black! hahaha....bobby's porridge actually looks more delicious somemore oh~~

but most of all...hope you & bobby will enjoy as always! *hugs*

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : That..was what Bobby's thinking when he saw that man. If that guy can join, a lot of average joe with either fat muscles or skinny legs can join.

Aiyah.. for girls mah, must be cute okay. You don't want your darling to be cute meh?

Iwan : SAI! Why call me lalat gal again? >.< Uncle HB. You typed lengthy comments so I also replied long long one lor. Fair and square mah.

Kenny : 5 years? That's pretty long! Every year we must eat rice dumplings and go beach one ah.. not to throw bak chang lah, but to gossip because a lot of people will go there too.

Good thing that you didn't join those body builder thingie. I seriously don't see what's so nice about them.

Don't you think I long long time don't blog like this liao?

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : I think only blind people cannot see he got lots of fats instead of muscles lor. I wonder how he can get through the audition at the first stage, if there's any...

Sunkist and Sprite? Sounds like... Sour and weird. I think it'll taste like eating an orange after brushing teeth.

SCALLOPS expensive leh ah-moi, you sponsor lah. This guy here is so lazy that he'll rather eat biscuit and Milo instead of boiling sometimes.. Sigh.

YES! I INSIST IT'S ALMOST BURNT. It's still edible and brown. Not charcoal black.

You song song lah, now cool cool in Melbourne. Us here everyday either big big sun or big big rain ah.

Nonnie King said...

Effy :

Maybe because Asian men are shorter that is why compare to angmoh they'll look very... unevenly proportioned. Well, at least we all know how Doraemon looks like if he gain muscles. =D

Dangerous ah you, don't wear safety belt. Even walking up/down the stairs without hands on the rail will kana PAKAT too. And also opening the cabinet door without closing them back then kana the head, PAKAT also. This is what I call mafan.

Yes, I think foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, brow pencil, blusher and a touch of nude color lipstick = LIGHTLY make up too. LOL.
But I damn malas to use so many.

Where got happening? Just that... like Kelly said, I'm talkative. Anyway.. I'm only chatty when I'm with my good friends or it's a one-way conversation. I suck in chatting in MSN with not-so-close friend or strangers.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly LIM :

When I don't talk then you all think something wrong with me. How? Teach me lah. How to be normal and don't talk so much?

Oi... I can cook spaghetti, sushi and make pizza and you tried them all liao leh. Normal dishes I can also mah. This time the sausages brown till like that because I was talking to Bobby when he's shitting in the toilet mah.

(At least I don't throw weird veggies into the soup like ah Theen)

And instant cook porridge where can compare to Nonnie-Can-Cook food?

Skyler said...

Haha. Yeah la my ex also would always ask me if I had make-up on before kissing my face. He said my looks with make-up and without make-up got no difference (!!!)

Thanis said...

Wah - Must try makin the ribena 7up too. Interesting ... *adds a splash of vodka to the mix*

Ho Ho Ho~~