Friday, June 29, 2007

"Cher, belanja"

Sorry peeps. No entertaining post with loads of photos sucking up your bandwidth nor I'd discovered any funny things.

My past week seems so stale and unproductive, which can be a little untrue in some way...Because I did went to some 'bengkel' and yadda yadda yadda (nothing interesting to talk about)

* * *

Talking about school stuffs... I'll like to share something with you all out there.

Somehow, some way.. my MSN address seems to be spread among this particular class in my school. My students added me up and chat with me... I'd actually blocked them already, to avoid any inconvenience caused to me...

And, I had always been an anti-social in MSN... even with 40+ people online in my list, I chatted to zero, or maybe 1..or 2. Not more than 3 because I find it tiring to catch up. Plus, I'm not as chatty as I seem in my blog.

Yeah... Guess its the same reason why I didn't like talking on the phone with people. You just don't know how to end a conversation once it goes boring and pointless.

Back to the MSN thingie.. here's a conversation (not the full and boring one that most people loves to paste) between me and a student.

(After a few lines of usual stuffs like how are you, what are you doing now... thing)

Student: Cher, belanja me.

Me: Tell me why should I belanja you.

(Seriously, I hate people asking me to belanja for no reason at all..! Unless you're my mum because she spent the most on me. )

Student: Because my B.Mobile credit (local mobile service provider) abis...

(Wth?! What's wrong with kids nowadays? Asking teachers to buy them credits?! Daring also ah.)

Me: Well, in that case.. shouldn't you be asking your parents to buy you instead?

Student: My parents asked me to buy it myself.

Me: Perhaps you don't really need a mobile after all? And why should they buy you a mobile phone but not supply you the credits?

Student: Don't tell this to (her class teacher). I'm just joking.

Me: Doh.. I'm pretty serious about it leh.

Student: Sorry Cher.

Me: It's fine. But joking about asking me to belanja and all sorts puzzled me.

(Because who on earth asked their teachers to belanja them credit?)

Student: If you want to buy me credit I don't mind. I will say thank you and say that you're very kind.

Me: And so does that mean that not buying you credits make me a bad person?

(Student went offline after this without answering me)


Leaving a clueless me staring at the monitor.

* * *

1. Why do they think all teachers are rich? At least rich enough to buy reload card or belanja students for no reason at all?

Just like how Mizi's students said to him,

"Sir, belanja kami sir. Gaji cikgu beribu-ribu kali ah!"

-_-" (bang head against wall)

2. Children nowadays are really daring to voice out their mind, unlike us back in our time. I remembered i used to avoid conversation with any teachers, what's more to say requesting for money? God, what if my teacher go tell my mother I die lah!

3. Why do a 11 years old kids need a mobile phone for? When I was 11 I had nothing but water bottles, school bags and tons of homeworks. No PS1/2/3, no computer what more to say internet, no Astro but only TVB series video tapes. And I'm a happy kid.

I'm sorry but I need to sigh,
"Kids nowadays are just too lucky."


Iwan Sanchez said...

i booked 1st... hehehe!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

ya lah nonnie, i agreed with u! kids n0wadays memang lucky!! But then to say to u in MSN like that, its kinda daring..

hmm.. to think the student have the cheek to ask u that.. sigh..

maybe i tink they meant what they said to u.. tsk.. tsk...

even if i am a primary student, i dun tink i will dare to say that to my teacher..


thats y isay kids nowadays is so diff from our time..

sigh... i tink kena pampered too much liao..

De Pianist said...

daring wor this student..for me,i also won't go ask teacher like that lah..very weird lah asking teacher this thing..

kids nowadays really different d lor..hmm..till now,i would always prefer not to be noticed by teachers d.even if the teacher is talking to me,i only nod or say "oh ok.."

don't say 11 years old kid niece 9 years old already have as mobile phone d lor..and yea,it's true that kids are lucky if you go to the toys section ar,you can see all sorts digital figures or electronic is changing now.=.=

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

cheek. i never knew what cheek was in my primary days. i just said what i knew. very much less complicated. maybe because caning is not there anymore and teachers are less strict.

though it's true that children are getting luckier and luckier. i am lucky compared to my sister. look at the people younger than me, they're even luckier. life's like that.

kids get a lot things these days. almost anything. games, phones, comp... etc.


Iwan Sanchez said...

ooops jason, u are 3rd...

lene is 2nd...

eh nonnie,
IMO, ur blog is the ONLY one that ppl rush to leave their comments...


i dun see other blogs like: i am 1st, etc.....

hmmmm.... spiritual garden is so unique!!!

uglyfatchick (Christina) said...

haha.. I haven comment for very long already. so going to one time comment "gao gao". :P

1) Yah the kids nowadays really very lucky lah. And yes I don't know why kids will always think that teachers are rich. I used to think my teachers are very rich too. :P

2) The kid is very daring! btw did you tell the kid's form teacher?

3) Normally we look for friends in our friendster list, we'll look for their names or nicknames. I wonder how these ppl look for their friends if all their friends add extra stuffs in front of their names. -.-

4) I can't wait to see your notice board! =)

5) OMG I dunno what other comments to post liao. :P

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Iwan. Here first again.. lolxx.. long time i haven been active in blogging.. but nowadays gonna blog more.. lolxx.. with my new phone camera.. loving it.

YEa lo Nonnie, Kids today are so different.. But overall, i think it's not the children at fault, is the adults who teach the children. Cause children learnt them from adults.

AHAHA.. Iwan.. how's the pic.. i linked for you? Handsome le..

Sha said...

Perhaps you should act more garang ;)

These kids.. too daring, no respect for authority and too spoilt.

And guess what? They are the future leaders of the world.

*knocks head on wall*

War186 said...

I believe now that you're not as chatty as you seem in your blog. :P

And I get what you mean about phone conversations. ;)

Kids these days yeah got no shame. I thought the kid wanted to ask you to treat him/her food or something. I was amazed that he/she was actually asking for credit. So shameless eh.

The new generation is indeed getting more daring and spoilt. Like Iwan said they get pampered too much. And I thought I was lucky. I had my first mobile in Form 2. My little cousin had her first one in Primary 2! Sheesh.

I'm Choonie. said...

Hey... a student (I dun know this student) in my school today also asked me to belanja a bag of 'yau char kueh' which actually meant for my own students. Sial le... students' culture nowadays is so far different from our days.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan :

So lucky can die ah. Cannot scold them, cannot beat them, all must use "Love" to teach them. How to teach you tell me?

Pampering sure is not helping them to grow mature though and I hope that I won't spoil my kids next time.

Pau-Lene :

I don't even dare to ask my teacher questions if I don't understand what he/she was teaching. What's more to say MONEY!

9 years old got mobile liao? So lucky.. I got my first mobile when I was 18, somemore it's the old Nokia 3300 somemore.

Jason :

LOL. You're one minute late. How come ah.. you always arrived early but somehow late by 1 or 2 minutes to comment most of the time.

It's not that teachers don't wanna cane and be strict, little little parents already complain say "abuse" how?

Very kasian one ah teachers, want to marah cannot, then later result not good kana blamed again.

Very the Bei-ai ah.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan :

Where got? Kennysia and Xiaxue lagi leh?
You all good friends give face nya.. if not where got so popular?

Christina :

A lor, I thought you don't love me anymore... *sniffs*

1) But I know my teachers were not rich because I knew where they lived and what car they drove. So.. I thought they're the same like the rest of us, just finding a living nya.

2) I didn't. Because I don't want to make it big.

3) They like mah, what to do. We just tahan nya lor.

4) Erm... malu to say, I got lazy and put it aside now. I hope I'll continue it soon. Hahhaaa

5) Come back and visit often!

Nonnie King said...

Luuee :

Wah seh, what phone you're using now btw? And..are you sure you'll be blogging more and not be lazy?

Well, if parents trust teachers in their work, I think it'll be better lor.

Like Iwan said, Luuee got itchy hands =p

Sha :

I am trying hard to be garang. Well, fresh teachers need to gain more experience in controlling students.

And every time I thought about them being the future leaders, I believe that end of the world is getting nearer and nearer.

Nonnie King said...

Wardah :

But a lot still thinks that I'm very charismatic.

Belanja food I don't mind, but asking for credits to sms/ call boyfriend, I mind a lot, a whole lot!

Fuah! Primary 2, the youngest to own a mobile I'd heard for the moment. Even my parents don't have a mobile phone la. And Bobby is still using his firts generation of colour and polyphonic phone which he called it the "Dinosaur Egg". Hhahahaa

Choonie :

Yau Char Kueh cheap cheap okay lah, this one is like asking me to give money like that, where can?

Compare to our days, very different.. I still prefer our time though, strict teachers + reasonable punishment

lizzie said...

i agree that kids today are lucky. maybe it's the technological advances and the air that they breathe...

teddY said...

I think those students who asked you to treat them to meals are outright rude, it doesn't matter whether they asked you jokingly or not. I mean, teachers are really tired and loaded with work and students still expect them to be lenient on marks (which sometimes contradicts the teacher's integrity and moral ethics), to treat them meals when they get good marks, to tolerate their rudeness, to make do with their noise and etc.

Anyway my teacher told me that she always appear offline on MSN because for some reason a lot of students get their hands on her MSN email address! And she got all those irritating nudges from all her students if she did appear online :) poor teacher!

r&al said...


didnt know 11 yr olds got msn.. hmmm.. i got my msn when i was 24.. lol

Nonnie King said...

Lizzie : And probably our folks thought we're already the luckiest batch.

Teddy : I seriously don't know what are they thinking, asking a teacher to belanja them.

But I'm glad that a lot agreed with what I said.

I straight away block them in MSN. And reject their request when they try to add me in Friendster.

Funny, they're not afraid to let me know that they have boyfriends or girlfriends..

Rebbe : 24? Are you serious? And you just turned... 27 kan

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