Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Talk

Urgh! Finally no more Seria - BSB daily trip that took away my precious afternoon naps!
But says hi to the monthly report + website + walkathon preparations.

. . . When is Ramadan coming? I missed Puasa time when they paused all activities and the school was squeaky clean with no plastic wrappers of food and tin cans/ plastic bottles/ Yeo's packet drinks on the corridor and staircase...

Anyway, my days were boring because there's nothing happening in my life.
No events = No photos = Boring post.

* * *

Oh, my kanasai friend Keith is now officially a papa liao. Seems like it's only yesterday when I went to their wedding.

And do you know how this idiot inform me about it? By texting me...

Him: Wad xx, Bed xx

Me: Wth... Yun give birth already?

Him: Yeah. hehe..

Me: Aiya idiot. Might as well tell me also boy or girl la. So what name? Lim Teh or Lim Chui?

Him: Lim Boo! Come la tomorrow.

So I assume its a baby girl.

Can you see how stupid this sms conversation is?

1. Without telling me what's going on, no-head-no-tail tell me the wad and bed number. Think that I'm a psychic is it?

2. 5 cents per sms, he choose to reply me "Yeah. Hehe.." instead of telling me the gender and more information. Oh its 160 characters anyway, why waste it? Need me to ask again. Oh well, maybe he's overjoyed, kee-siao there already or busy learning how to change the diapers or carry the baby.

(Again... I wouldn't want to carry baby less than 3 months old because they felt like jelly. Well, my own production is exceptional in the future)

3. Hehehee. There was one night before Yun gave birth that I was chatting with Keith in MSN asking him if he had thought of any name for the baby.

I jokingly suggested "Lim Teh" (drink tea) or Lim Chui (drink water). And that stupid father-to-be joined in my siao-ness and added Lim Gu Ni (drink milk), Lim Lang Ni (drink breast milk). Also Lim Teh See (drink Teh-C) and all sort of drinkable liquids you can think off...

p/s: Lim sounds like 'drink' in Hokkien.

No Lim Peh (your father) and Lim Boo (your mother), because those are the reserve names for my babies if I jadi kahwin Bobby. Hhahahhhaaaa. Just kidding.

I often joke with Theen and Kelly about baby names they can give their children when they married James and Kok Ling.

Like.... Yoong-Tau-Fu (tofu with fish inside, you know?), Yang-Meh-Meh (little sheep) Yang-Wa-Wa (doll), Yang-Pai (lamb chop), Xiong-Bao-Bao (baby bear), Yang-Shi-Le (very itching) and bla-bla-bla.

I was googling if there's any website that can predict baby faces but sadly, couldn't found any.

And I was lazy + no skill to photoshop one myself.

So, here I found a baby photo that I think our (gigi-besi and me) baby will look like.

Has our features though, small and long eyes, flat nose, thin lips (Bobby has thin lips) and so chubbily cute! (Like me... =p) I want to have a baby like him! I want I want! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!

I know I'll be the bad mommy restricting little bobby/nonnie to eat too much ice-cream or candies and Ex-fat-guy will be the one curi-curi feed the baby.

La la la la... I better go continue do my work or take my power nap.

Bye Bye...

(I miss blog-hopping....)


Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah!!!!1st one again!!!

i dun really like puasa month cos very susah to get makan!! If i am hungry how? cos a muslim, we have to puasa mah..


but i agreed lah,fasting month sure got lots of good foods.. A month whre ppl tend to get fat too!!

hmmm.. suddenly talk abt baby...
hahaha!! i love babies but once they start to cry, i cabut 1st..


Kenny Ng said...

I hate ramadan lor... hard to get food la, then those in puasa work like death people... no output at all.

The baby damn cute! I like!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hhahahhaha! Same, if baby cries I'll hand them back to their mommy.

That's why I'm not prepared to be one myself yet.

Kenny : True lar, the sai part is hard to get food. But then a lot of Ramadan promotion in restaurant bor.

War186 said...

Very cute lah the baby. I agree can pass off as yours what. Hehe.

I'm not sure when puasa will be this year. Most probably around October that time.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. cute! Some guys are lidat. They have this inability to type full sms-es! Haha..My dad is lidat! One or two words only. And they're all in short forms somemore!

Congrats to your friend! =)

Lex@ said...

Oh ..first born .. maybe he thought that you're good at riddle or maybe guessing waht other would not get ... hehee

teddY said...

Hi Nonnie! Sorry for not commenting for such a long time because I'm pretty busy with my studies...

Ah wells, it's happy to know that it's a first born! Do help me to cognratulate the parents :) Especially the mom who've endured 9 months of pain.

Regarding the baby's name, my mom and dad told me before that it is a very painful process because most parents do not want their kids to get laughed at because of their names, so they did a lot of research (sounds as if they're doing PhD...) and finally gave me a name which unfortunately sounds like Taliban. But I don't blame them because when I was born Talibon wasn't even formed yet. Haha!

uglyfatchick said...

Hello.. it's been so long since I comment hor? :P

Sorry lah.. I working mah. but hor, I got read your blog one leh... just that sometimes dunno what to comment. :p then I also dun want anyhow write mah..

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : I sure wish!

Princess Shin : Hahahhah!!! I know. It's pretty annoying isn't it?

Lex@ : Cheh... I guess riddle when they're free and not when I have to spend 5cents smsing.

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : Now I'm really curious what is your name!

Christina : How's your work life then?

uglyfatchick said...

work is work. I also duno. :p

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