Friday, June 8, 2007

Thank "you"

...for this amazing piece of "entertainment" in my blog.

Some more use two different identities just to make sure I get the message and probably wished that others agree with you.

But... happily sadly, I'm not going to change the way I blog just for you. =)


Confused (Real name not used for security purposes) said...

For God's sake, what is wrong with posing boyfriend's photo? No offence but oh well to all complain~er, if it hurt "your" eyes while looking at it so why don't "you" just leave the webpage? Weird weird weird...

De Pianist said...

hahahaha,such a cute commenter.just because of your Gigi Besi photo,that person says that it's not funny or creative or whatever he/she says.lolz.

aiya.Bobby such a lengzai can not put his photos leh..hor Nonnie?ngahahaa..=p!

anyway,just head on with your postings bah..i don't think it's necessary to change because of someone's comments..cuz i love your original posts,i don't mind about all the photos flooding the area anyway.everyone agree?

*everyone agreed*

=p!(okay,so maybe not everyone,cuz if everyone,there won't have this appear,erm..ah yes!Most people will agree bah,right?)

ngehehehe.rock on,Nonnie!I'll always support the Lalat Gal who saves the day!haha!

ok,i crap a lot.time to run before Nonnie catch me and starts to pinch me again.ngaahaha.blehh.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hmmm...i tink it works? The morons have stopped all those stupid remarks rite??

hahaha!! I tink some ppl have nothing better to do...

Well done Nonnie!!

A wise move!

Anneesa said...

I still think my censored response was the funniest. LOL. I got you laughing, didn't I? ;)

I have your back, don't worry.

Save the address for future reference. :)

Remember Spider King, with super powers comes great responsibilities.

With Super Fame comes great animosity ;) You can never please everyone.

Those who are entertained and support you will come to your aid.

Those who are not and are against you, just say thank you, please come again.

Nonnie King said...

Confused : Don't ask me.. Some people is just so amusing kan?

Pauline : Kanasai, now you really stick with the nickname Lalat gal for me liao. You silly Garfield!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Thank you thank you. Just so people know that they should think twice before they say/ do anything.

Anneesa : I so very much wish I can post what you said that made me laugh so hard here. But better not, later we both really kana flame and attack.

Anonymous said...

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