Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tell me which to choose!

Short Note:
School is starting tomorrow and I'm still not mentally prepared for it! Say hi to the traffic tomorrow people!

I'm not going to take any nap this afternoon so that I can sleep earlier and better tonight and not end up being like a night owl have my face glue to the monitor.


It all began with me having nothing to do and started rearranging the furnitures in my room last few days.

And after moving my wardrobe to another corner, I stared at the wall with... *let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6* 6 nail holes!!! Totally an eyesore especially when my monitor is directly underneath it, whenever I raised my head.. I saw those 6 ugly things.

And so the itching hands and restless brain of mine urges me to do something to cover it up.

Yeah, I'll make a notice board. A pretty one with my own personal touch on it. I still have one unused Styrofoam board anyway.

I dug out my mum's old old "kains" from the wardrobe and started choosing. It's to wrap up the Styrofoam board so that there won't be any visible holes.

(Not sure for Malays, but mum told me that Chinese often gave piece of cloths as a gift back in her days, resulting in the stacks of unused old-fashioned prints kains in my wardrobe now. )

Damn retro leh?

And I don't know which to choose now! But I think not the pink one with floral prints. It's just so not "Nonnie" and kind of ... kampong.

Suggestion people?

Will start work on it as soon as I pick the cloth and show you guys the end result.


I'm Choonie. said...

I like the dark color one. Easier to stick bright and colourful stuff on it. It will come out perfectly with the dark background. Well.. my suggestion nia... the choice is always urs.
Btw,I have styrofoam stick on the wall right on top of my computer back home too. I can stick all my bills that I need to settle, have settle and etc. I call it MY MESS!!!

De Pianist said...

i love the dark background too.maybe cuz i love dark colours.hahaha..=p!

plus like what choonie says,things will look clearer and better with a dark background.and you'll have a wider selection of materials if you wanna decorate it somemore.=D!

Atul said...

I like the first one. If you put ribbons on it.. like.. checkered but diagonal, not bad.

But the black background not so bad either. Hehehe.

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : MY MESS? Cool name.
I think I wanna name my noticeboard too.

Pauline : Seems like most voted for the dark brown. But the decoration part will take some times.

Atul : I think I'll just go for the plain dark brown.

Your ideas on diagonal or checker ribbons freaked the lazy me. Hhahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

hehehe nonnie...

nonie creative work is up again.. hahaha!!

personally, i love the black one and the last one..

but i tink dark background suits all seasons.. hehehe!!

eh, sorry for being rude, but the pink one REALLY loke damn retro and memang kampong..


someone gave it to ur mum or she bought it???


I CANT WAIT FOR IT!!! must be damn nice....hehhee

can u become my business partner??


Kenny Ng said...

I'm not good in design... can't give suggestion la. Wah... u holiday for how long? So nice... me now 7 days also need to work la

War186 said...

Black one. Easy to decorate on, I guess. Or the flower one so need to make anymore creative design to the noticeboard. But I'm sure whatever you decide you'll make it look really creative with your personal touch. :)

d'Fish said...

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un6 said...

Hullo. Great idea. =) I recommend the last one, it's nice. you can use the big blue flowers to serve as corner decorations for photos. Black if you're planning to put up items of vibrant colours. The pink one's great for dominantly white/neutral items. The dotted ones look okay by itself.

You have any boxes lying around? A bit of awesome wrapping paper and double sided tape strong enough, and you'd have a beautifully decorated shelf to show off your treasured possessions. ^__^

Sha said...

Floral one might turn out to be pretty sweet.. But you have to match it with bolder shades of pink :P

youngbruneian* said...

errr.. either the one with the diamonds or the flower print. the dark one looks abit too dark and im assuming your going to use it as a message board and white or any other pastel colour on black is abit hard on the eyes :D

I'm Choonie. said...

How is your sleep last nite since you say you still had ur afternoon nap? I hope it is a goood one. Din spoilt your first day back to work.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan :

Neh, not my mum buy one la. If she buy I sure stop one. I think she got it from a friend at least 15 years ago =p

You want to be my business partner? Hehheee. But I'm very lazy bor.

Kenny :

I had a 2 weeks long school holiday. But still need to continue do work at home.
So, holiday like no holiday also. Just that can wake up a bit late.

Wardah :

I choose the black one already. Just need to add more things on it.

Nonnie King said...

D'FIsh : Thanks =)

UN6 : Wow! You must one really creative girl too. Love your suggestions.

Sha : I chose the black one already. Because I think the floral one looks a bit messy when i test post some photos up there.

Nonnie King said...

YoungBruneian : Ops! I totally forgot whether it'll hard on eyes or not.
I chose the black one already... :/
But I guess it'll be okay.

Choonie : Terrible! I'm so used to sleep late amd so I got a hard time forcing myself to nap.

And as expected, couldn't wake up this morning till my mum yelled at me.