Monday, June 11, 2007

Caption Game

Remember the "Caption Game" that I said I had no idea what to give for the winner?

(Photo taken by Hanisah. She just wanted to take a picture of them talking about Man-U and bla bla bla while Bobby suddenly posed with the 'peace' sign with his right hand, which was chopped off from the pic)

Hehhee. Here are some of the entries from friends and fellow readers. You be the judge and choose what you like.

* * *

My personal favorite from YoungBruneian.
(Anonymous reader who I think is Rebbe's friend)

It is so kanasai-ly cute! Eventhough it's a bit offensive. Yet, I like because this really make me laugh (to a point that I almost forgot it's me who he wrote has 'bulu' on my chest or armpit. Gahhh >.<)

* * *

From Wardah
(The active girl who play basketball/ netball and eats at Pizza Hut/ Swenson a lot)

Hehehee. These captions make Bobby looks silly.

* * *

Pauline De Pianist
(My Chubby Garfield, come lah.. see who pinch who first)

She loves giving me new nicks. Lalat Gal, like this also can think of.... Next time if I happen to take picture with a ball, I think it will makes me a Ball-Gal (Bogel!!!!)

* * *

Thanis the CookieMonsterz~
(Whom I'm still waiting for his invite to try his cooking)

Eh eh eh.. I got market one okay. Kanasai, why should I be the one to propose and why is Rebbe asking Bobby be careful not to say wrong thing hah? Sai sai.

* * *

Iwan (e1)
(Reader turn blog mate turn good friend)

*Sniffs* Nonnie is FAT. I thought you always tell me I'm not FAT? PenipuUuUuUuUUuUuUuu!!!

(I know you're joking la~)

* * *

(Silent reader I guess..)

Actually.... *shy* My fart is stinkier than his. =p

* * *

Hanisah / Anneesa
(My Hell-mate)

Come come, let's go to the toilet so I can prove to you I'm 100% female who have frequent "auntie visit" every month.

* * *

Kelly Lim
(My 38 + kaypo + machiam + super "lui" yet pretty best friend)

Durex got hole also no use liao lar~

* * *

Yus @ Rebbe
(the founder of Palermo =p)

Bah, when is your birthday? I go buy you a botol of Palermo!

* * *

Nonnie the blog owner,
Me lah!

I love this the most! Muaahhahahhahahahhhhahahhaaa. Eventhough it's not quite true. Well, one can always dream right?

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And so, which one you like the most?


Anneesa said...

I'm biased. I vote for Rebbe's. LOL

Effy said...

I only know one person who uses the nick youngbruneian.. only one.. and he is from KayBee. Yeah i like youngbruneian caption. Funny in a natural way.

Jewelle said...

I like Yus version...just saying "Polermo" is cracking me up!

Iwan Sanchez said...


i love this entry!!! i cant stop laughing!!! lolz!!!

okl ah.. i vote for young bruneian.. dirty but funny!!!


War186 said...

Yus's version lah the best hahaha! Heh.

Nonnie King said...

Nisah : And your reason for being biased is....? =p

Effy : From KB? Wow, KBians are definitely funny and creative.

Jewelle : Hehhee. I still wonder why people use that name for a perfume.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Good that it made you laughed!

Wardah : So now it's all Yus and YoungBruneian getting the votes.

Bobby said...

I like youngbruneian one the best but if I choose that I think you would not cook me that delicious spaghetti dish of yours so I'l choose your version nonnie hehe.

This is my version-
Bob : Something smell funny and making me dizzy.
Yus : That's because you have been expose to nonnie. Quick! Cover your nose before your mind turns yellow.

Anonymous said...

i vote for youngbruneian.. hehe =P

Nonnie King said...

Bi : Eeeee... Your version also very kanasai. Saying me smelly again. Sad sad.

Anonymous : Yup, we all love his version.

De Pianist said...

love young bruneian's caption..hahaha..very funny lah..but others also quite funny too..lolz.good sense of humour..haha.

cc said...

I prefer the first one too. Very farney photo. :D

War186 said...

Btw, Nonnie I've never played softball in my life. Maybe you wanted to put in handball/netball/football? Heheh. ;P

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Yeap yeap. Love his too.

CC : It's a candid shot. That's why look so funny.

Wardah : Okie. Will change it yah.

r&al said...

i vote for yus also! cannot let youngbruneian win, kambang tia..

plus, so many pictures of me and bobby ah.. all in one post again.. shy la.. haha

youngbruneian™ said...

wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu did i win ka?