Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Random La Di Da

Short Talk:

People.. You MUST see this! Rumour says it..
Bert & Ernie are gay partners!

(Yes! The Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street who has a rubber ducky!)

People, please kindly use Mozilla Firefox to view my page. Because if you're using IE, it'll
seem super Cacat.

Thanks Kenny for telling me that.. and remind me that my hand is gatal and I like to kacau the settings.. Muahahaha

I got myself a little something and Kelly asked me to take pictures and blog about it before I spoilt it...

Darn.. What am I? A super spoiler ka? Know what, if I went shopping with my besties Chaiwen & Theen, they forbid me from touching any galssware. Whatever I want to see an
d hold, all I need to do is point it and they'll come to my service..Like a Princess huh?

Okie.. I went to Miri last last last last Sunday (I think?) and guess what, Theen and I are going to have a make-up class. Nyek Nyek.

It was quite a good bargain. RM300 for:

- one make-up course
- one free facial treatment
- and so on (see for yourself)

Not bad huh for RM300?

Honestly speaking, I'm not "that" into make-up.. Currently, I only have 1 mascara, 1 foundation cake, and some "No brand" eye shadows and blusher.. And my make-up skills sucks. So I took the lesson, part of the reason is because, it's such a great deal.. (the Kanebo facial care whitenning set cost RM100+, and the eye shadow as well.. Bloody expensive!). Taking this lesson save me quite a lot and good also what, got professional teach.

But the watch is a bit too .... girly and big for me to wear.. Anyone wanna buy it? Hahaha.

Man, I've changed! Since when I start to wear "powders" and "paint" on my face? Nevermind, Bobby had already seen me in my worst and ugliest. I'll look only better in his eyes for now.


cindy said...

That's a lot of stuff!! >_< I'm so green with envy!! >_<

Nonnie King said...

Yeah! Hell lot of stuffs. And I feel "complete" with those things..

(Eventhough they're still in the plastic wrappings and I have not touch any of them yet)

I'm broke now.. >.< $$$

Kenny Ng said...

Maybe u change to beta version so become like that?

Kelly said...

Oi!!! u never show me the jewellery case! i was actually giving up in joining and telling myself maybe i can find those brushes in SG(since that's the most attractive which i wanted of them all) until i saw the cool jewellery box la!!! !@#$^%&*

Skyler said...

OEY! I also want leh!

Must go Miri must go Miri

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Hehe. Then you use Firefox to browse my blog lor.. I already upgrade it to Beta version and there's no point of return..

Kelly : That jewelry box is a door gift. Eh? I didn't show you meh? You go ask ah Theen give you lah. Keke.

Skyler : I think you can get the same bargain in KL wor. Come to Miri lah, the expenses will be cheaper than going to Singapore tho. But.. it's also less fun lah.

Serene said...

haha. RM300 is cheap i agree. so many stuff!

Guruh Roy said...

he! where do you those puppet are gay??? i really want to know it...
well i always use mozilla firefox rather than internet explorer since MF is quite faster in loading the webpages

Ness said...

I volunteer to be your 'Barbie' doll.
=D =D

That's alot of makeup...I like! Broke also its okay, you got make up. At least you will look good ;)