Monday, September 25, 2006

Kanebo Self Make Up Course

Remember this post? The make-up course was held yesterday. Three of us (My besties, Theen, Kelly and me myself) were late for the class because we decide to fill our tummy first before entering the class. Lucky didn't miss much of it.

First of all, we learned how to prepare our face for make-up. We go thru so many steps of facial cleansing and so on. That, is really the first time I clean my face so many times! Wah lao eh, in normal days where got so much time oh. And also, the portion of those facial wash, this toner and that cream to apply on our face, so banyak. I'm sure I won't and can't be so generous with my own set eh.

But really, after cleansing, our faces looks more radiant and clear. Duh... Really have to apply so much meh? I karit eh...

After that, we learn how to apply foundation, draw the brows, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher and highlights.

Actually, I don't need to do the eye-liner part lah, because my eyes are small and single eye lids, apply liao also tak nampak. And my eye shadows are super thick.

(Ok guys.. I know you feel bored hearing all this..)

So, skip it!

Show you the end results!

Any difference?

(Photo and real person look different lah. In real.. look very thick)

Bobby says I look better but my eyes a bit too heavy. But Kelly says I should makeup more cos I look better in it. Ah, If I can wake up earlier, I might consider to put on it everyday. But I know I won't. Just mascara and lip care can already lah.

Okie, a little eye candy for you guys out there.

My besties

Her name is Kelly. The "Kelly" who constantly leave message in my tagboard complaining my blog this and that doesn't work, and leave comment in my entries, mostly marah-marah or debating.

And Doris, one of the make-up artists who helped out there says she looked like Cecelia Cheung!
Muahahahaha!!! She was swearing when she heard it! %$@$!#
We all don't think so lah. Where got alike?

Bah, guys.. tell me how many percent you think they looked alike and give your answers by commenting.

Oh.. one more thing. She's not available liao.

(Oi Oi Oi, don't close the window ah I warn you. )

Doris (Second from Left) helped us out during the course. She's so pretty you know. (I know this picture doesn't make her looks that appealing). And she's bloody 39 years old! O.M.G!

The course is suppose to end at 2pm, as told by the lady at the counter. But, we finished at almost 3pm. And our boyfriends waited outside from 1pm...

The guys are bored and hungry, and have no where to go. I bet they don't dare to eat because they are not sure what time we finished. And so waited patiently.

Once we come out, we dashed to our boyfriends and asked, "Sorry ah, you waited so long. Pretty or not? What you think? Nice ah?"

But their answers are..
"Wah.. your eyes.. so dark"
"So thick the make up"
"Not nice"

So disappointing kan! But nevermind, the freebies we get are comforting enough already. Haha. And, it's a standby skill for us if there's any function or dinner to attend mah.

This is my blog so my picture has to be the BIGGEST ! ^(oo)^

[Edited - Luuee left me a comment asking me where's the part about seeing him]

We (as in Bobby and Me) went downstair to the lobby of the hotel and bumped into Luuee (and family) who was waiting for his sis and mum.

We shake hands, and no introductions needed.

This guy ah, after talking to Bobby about their assignments, first sentence talked to me is asking me donate money, RM25.00 to be exact to the old folks home. So kind-hearted ah?

He looks better in real life comparing to those pics he took. And I was comparing their heights, to see who is taller. They have the same height up to the shoulder, but I think Luuee's neck and face is longer, thus he win Bobby. Hahaha.

(Enough already or not Mr. Luuee? Satisfied?)

After that, we went to Pizza Hut to grab a bite.

Look at the seating arrangement. Like we're having a match-making session like that.

I was saying this to Bobby,
"Hi. My name is Nonnie King. I'm 23 and work as a teacher. My hobby is collecting "laber" (erasers) "


We orders a set meal for 6, and extra pastas.

Bloody.. The portion is so small! Wah lao eh. Nearly want them to check their eyes and compare the one in the menu liao.

The lasagna at the size of Peanut Toast
Meatball Spaghetti like Wet-Fried-Ketchup-Mee
Prawn Olio like "Kolomee with Dried Chillis"

Irrelevant picture next. Bobby and Me.

Very kasian (pitiful) you know. We only get to see each other once a week. Comparing with last time, we go kai-kai (jalan-jalan) everyday, and he tucked me to bed, telling me bedtime story everynight. So, I took pictures as much as I can when we get together. Hehe.

One more thing,
guess what I've won from bidding in Ebay?

*points below*
Star Wars Figurine Eraser!
- For USD 13.00 -

( But the shipping charges is more expensive than that.
Total amount I need to pay - USD 37.50 )

(Now contacting the seller regarding the payment and shipping methods. Can't wait lah)


Kenny Ng said...

fuah!!! went to learn make up ah? sure 'sot' till own bf kaw kaw... hahaha.

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : You think so? He didn't like it. Somemore he scare if he hug me the powder will terkana his shirts! Hahaha. He says he likes me the way I am.

Serene said...

oh my... more erasers! haha

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Nonnie, Where is the part about LuUeE? Mwahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Serene : A lor. But the shipping charges so expensive. *Sweat* My most mahal erasers!

Luuee : Nah, I edited my post and add you in liao. So, when are you giving me $5.00 that you promised?

(Hahaha. I was just kidding. He did not pay me to blog about him lah)

Guruh Roy said...

well, to be frank, Kelly, your friend, she looks HOT! you know what i means......wish i'm her boyfriend too...hahahahahaha, just kidding....well she really have a nice looking.....

Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah... Kelly did resemble Cecelia lah tho its minimal lah...
Wah, make up indeed do wonders to girls hor.... Muahahahaha!!!
Wah Nonnie, more "labers" hor, and ex too!!!!
Oh ya, in those pics, Bobby looks so fierce ... Does he really look fierce all the time? Muahahahahaha!!!
You looked fierce in your kindergarthen pic and Bobby look fierce in that pictures...
Does that means both of you are fierce couple?
Just kidding!!!

karen Q said...

ops.. interesting~ so, how do u think abt the course? worth? ;)

haa.. you collecting eraser ar? interesting~ haha.. how much you had collect now??

Nonnie King said...

Roy : Haha. Well, most of my friends are hot and good looking and my duty is to use my ugliness to brighten up their beauty. :p

Iwan : Bobby do look fierce when he has no facial expression. But he's actually like a little lamb and soft-spoken. Hehe. Good mah look fierce, no one dare to bully.

Karen : The course is quite interesting because I have Zero Knowledge and it's really for beginner.

Never count my erasers yet tho. But I think got 100 kua? If you seen any nice one, buy for me ah?

becks said...

Wah ur fren Kelly very chio (meant pretty) lei! Look quite similar to cecillia too *whistle*

Nonnie King said...

Becks : Give me $10.00 and I sell her to you. I mean her photo. Hahhahaha.

Kelly said...

Nonnie King!! Firstly - since when i become your daughter, trying to advertise 4 me is it?!!! Secondly - I don look like Cecelia Cheung at all k?....i don like her laaa!!!~~~Nabeh~~and u even spelled wrongly my darling name!!

Wah, your "laber" made of gold ah? Us$30++?!!

baby Jee said...

Nyahaha... nonnie is So cute... I saw her trying to do the make-up...ehehehhe... and UR FRIEND KELLY~ my friends say she got good skin complexion... I think she looks like korean~ erm... Jang na ra... oh-so-cute... hehehehe... NONNIE... must had "SOT-ed" bobby~ ehheheheh

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Eh, you go pay for my laber lah. For my birthday lah~ Can ah? Cilaka, i make so many people know yohu say you pretty, no say thank you but go and "nabeh" me lagi.

See..people, this girl is sibeh "cho-lo".

Jee : malu leh. I'm like a total idiot lah. I don't know how to draw the brows and eye liner. So hard lah. You so ganas. So fast finish.

Oi Kelly Lim, nah, you say you don't want to look like Cecilia Cheung, now got anothe one, Jang Na Ra! Can liao o not?

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Nonnie, thanks for re editing, this should be more like it ba. hai~ I treat you and Bobby so good. mwahaha.. =p

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : No need treat us GOOD, treat us FOOD can already. Hahaha!

uglyfatchick said...

hahas. Those "laber" really really very ex. I wanna go for make up course too. :p

Nonnie King said...

U.F.C : That will be my most most expensive laber and I swear I won't buy anything more than that figure.

Guruh Roy said...

wei! i admire Cecilia chong what!even she is skinner but she %#^^%$%^%$%^ and i think you friends is great too......hiahahahaha

Nonnie King said...

Roy : Kelly (my friend) hates Cecilia that's why she feel beh-song hearing people saying that she look like her.