Sunday, September 3, 2006

I've long forgotten

How I spent my day without Astro and Espeed years ago...?

I realised, everyday when I got back home from work, the first thing I search for is either my Astro remote controller, or push the "On" button of my PC.

I spend hours and hours infront of either the tv set or the monitor...

I feel vulnerable without them ..which makes me feel so uncomfortable and unhealthy.

I didn't have these things years ago.. How did I kill my time?

When I was a kid, I climb the trees, catch tadpoles from the longkang, played Police & Theif, cycled around the neighbourhood like some kurang-ajar kids.. What to do, my childhood playmates are boys and they refused to play Barbie Dolls with me bah.

When I was a teenager... (Bloody sad.. No More "Teens" for me liao.. Gah!), my days are filled with extra classes and tuition classes. Most of my precious time in the afternoon are wasted used like that. During holidays, I'll go ChaiWen house and spend my whole afternoon there, watching "Super Sunday" or chasing TVB dramas. Sometimes we siao-siao go bake some cakes and biskuits. With really good weather, we'll walked to Supa Save buy ice creams and walked to the beach and stay there. I can even tune into local radio station, listen to it and make paper crafts (Origami) whole day.

And now I'm an adult. I like to read. Sampai my mum tells me that when I get married, my books will be part of my "jia-zuan" (items that company kahwin to groom's house). I bring a book with me wherever I go. I remember there's once that I was reading in my class and kana caught by my lecturer. He was so bloody angry, scolded me till "Dog blood spill head" (Chinese Idioms) and embarassed me in front of the whole class. Till today, some of my lousy friend still will mention it out loud and take it as some kinda jokes. Not funny kay...Kanasai..
I also have an art block and keep it as my scrapbook.I write my thoughts in it, I draw in it, sometimes I read some really nice articles from the newspaper, I'll cut it down and paste it it.

(I'm such a good girl isn't it. I don't drink, smoke, and even go clubbing.. Sometimes I wonder how come I never did something really really crazy in my life? Nevermind, I don't have to go look for them, crazy things happen on me automatically..)

But I realised.. I haven't been doing all this for quite some time.

One of these days, I'm gonna do myself an experiment.

No TV and PC
for one whole day...

and see how I cope with it when the boring-worms in my body squirm out and strikes.

Can I really tahan 24hours without TV and PC? Oh well.. I'm gonna check up with the calendar and fix a day now.


Guruh Roy said...

I guess you better try. whose know you could make it.

Ness said...

Hi, my name is Ness and Im an internet addict (echo: Hi Ness..) The first thing I do when I wake up is switch on my laptop and check who's on MSN or check out new comments on my blog.

Blur blur one with taie mata also have semangat to do this. Saddo.

Surprisingly in Brunei, I don't cari the internet that much. Astro yes, but that's because I don't watch much teevee here as well.

Family, girlfriends and the abundance of cheap books (here mahal leh.. X_x) often occupies most of my time anyways.

However, the nicotine intake does increase ever oh-so-significantly.

Not a win win situation, come to think of it.

Anyhoo, GOOOODD LUCCCKKKK with that challenge of yours.

Should do it with a friend, misery loves company after all =D =D

Nonnie King said...

I think I'm gonna force Bobby to face the challenge with me so he can keep me entertained, or at least letting me to blow out my frustration.

Ness: I find a lot of similarities in us lah...

Serene said...

ooooh... i only on my pc when im free cos im always out most of the day and return late at nite. come to think of it. i hardly watch tv liao... so i think i can live without pc and tv for more than 24hrs. XD if bf free oso tok on the phone. :p

the only thing i cannot live w/o is my handphone!!!!

Ness said...

You know what they say...great minds have a lot in common. LOL.