Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My First Teacher's Day Card

I'm a happy teacher today.

*Big grin*

(The big grin only lasted for 5 minutes on my face, the happy feelings vanished so fast once I step in the lab, seeing naughty monkeys student walking and talking around, simply pressing buttons of the PC here and there..)

I received this *points below* today!

Oh well, it's not Teacher's Day yet in Brunei. We celebrate it on 23rd September in recognition of the good deeds of the teachers to the community, religion and the country. It is celebrated in commemoration of the birthday of the late Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Saadul Khairi Waddien, the 28th Sultan of Brunei for his contribution in the field of education including religious education. (Okay, i admit I copy the paragraph somewhere)

Hehe. And it's an original hand-made card. It looks a bit messy but, we just can't expect too much from a Primary 4 student right?. It's the thought that counts~

Opening the card, I'd already spotted mistake.
Teachers. Thanks. You are best teacher.
(Am I suppose to share this card with others?)

My name spell wrongly too.
Cikgu Noni@ ?

And.. I think I look like Medusa here.
To ladies who wanna be teacher, keep long silky straight hair, or else student will find it real hard to draw, and end up either drawing Maggie Mee hair or "Snake Hair".

But still, no matter what, I love this card because it's ....

Note to myself.
Better start practice and speak more Malay...

Student A: Teacher Nonnie, macam ni cam tu?
Me: Sorry, what you said?

Student face looked blur like I'm talking Alien language.

Me: Boleh ulang sekali lagi?
Student A: Cikgu, ani.. boleh macam tu... (continue say long string of Malay which I only can catch 20%)
Me: (starred at student with ??? on my head)

Then the student who sit beside,says...

Student B: Hoi, cakap English bah. Cikgu tak paham tu...

. . . . . (Wind blow, leaf fly, crow fly by.... "Quak Quak Quak")

One big sweat from my forehead... follow by "three line"
like this -__-"'

So embarassing! I kana student ucap like that! Malu lah...

But normally I'll be cool and answer them...
"Yes, speak more so your English can improve. Very good."

And.. walk away with tongue stuck out.


Anonymous said...

iim happy too to c this card :D
i always prefer things that's from the TRUE HEART , its better frm getting money from mommy and buy a new machine-made nice card...
give the student lotsa lotsa start chop choop :D

lulu @ka lunatic
dunno why cant post as my name.

Ang Gu Gu said...

When wanna make a card for "Ang Gu Gu's Day"?

Im waiting oHH~!

Ang Gu Gu
- cannot post my name lar!! Blogger beta =(

Nonnie King said...

Lunatic : Yeap. Hand made is way better than cold machine printed one. Hehe, I upgrade my blog to beta Google version.

Ang Gu Gu : Ang Gu Gu's day? When is it? I just send you one packet Mami-Poko and one tin Enfagrow can liao.

p/s: Beta Blogger is cool! Upgrade lah

Ness said...

Nonnie, Im going to be jahat for abit okeh?

The card looked as if the crayon-making machine exploded and your student stood infront of it with a piece of cardboard.


But hey, if your student was willing to risk their life for that dangerous position, then you must be an excellent teacher and the card is worth more then any Hallmark cards any day ;)

Nonnie King said...

Ness : Haha! Funny lah you. Manila card that got dirtied by crayon. Muahahaha

When I read the text inside.. my heart also melt liao..

But.. kasian, she didn't write her name and I can't remember who gave it to me!

BaBy JeE said...

Nonnie... The card is cute... I got touched when I read what the Kid wrote... got draw u summore...and get ready some empty space for teacher day's pressies... you'll surely got loads one since kids love u...kekeke

Guruh Roy said...

Happy Teachers Day.
Seems your students loves you so much.
Well someone have gives me some tips in how to master other languages very fast. and i stiil used it until today.
First you need to repeat what that person said to you in a lower tone, it just like you talk back what that person said to you and see does you and that person get what that person are trying to say. then you could answer it.

second is learn some bad word from that languages.

LuUeE said...

HHAHAHA.. Nonnie, no wonder, where Bobbies talents came from. Yea, teachers day is one of the best days. Coz of the food. Next time i will ask my son to bring Mc donalds to school.. hahahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

Nonnie!!!! Happy Teacher's Day to u!!!!! What do u want me to air freight to you? Truckloads of red pens???? Thats what i used to give to my teachers.... Muahahahaha!!!


Nonnie King said...

Jee : I think they love my subject and not me. Because there's no homework, no test and exams mah. =^_^=

Roy : Thanks for the tips yah. But.. Malay got bad word kah?

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : Yeap. All my friends say Bobby kana influenced by me in making cards. His artwork is improving also. Maybe someday I'll blog about the cards he ever gave me.

Our school teacher's day celebration on 28th Sept 2006. So long..

Iwan : I don't need red pens as I'm not doing much markings. But I definitely need Coughing Syrup or Pi-Pa-Gao or lozenges that kinda things.. The kids are so noisy that I need to shout my heart out everytime..

Kenny Ng said...

fuah!!! sure siok till cry la u. i just recieved a card too... but is a red bomb card =_='''

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Hehe. Syok~ At least I get to know whether I did a good job in being a teacher or not mah.

Wah Seh, Red Bomb, so bila you give us yours?

Kenny Ng said...

me? u slow slow wait la... no gf n yet still no target, maybe u give 1st... kekekeke

Nonnie King said...


Any potential female interested in Mr. Kenny Ng,

for more details for what kind of person he is, please visit


I love match-making for people~

Anonymous said...

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