Tuesday, May 2, 2006


28.04.2006 (Friday)
The first day of the stupid fair.
Stupid location, no air-con, smell stinky
Probably the worst fair I've been to.
Throw up after eating the tapau food
(Maybe it's just too stuffy over there)
A very very very bad day...

But what's good is...
-Get to play games
-Get to watch movies on a 32" LCD TV
Because we actually launched the DMC system over there.
So we moved the sofa in, with a coffee table and 32" LCD TV
and a stupid vase with some weird fake flowers (Yanie-maid says it's from $1.80 corner)

Bobby's back~
That's what makes me happiest

29.04.2006 (Saturday)
Second day of the fair..
As usual.. not much of a crowd
Play the usual games, watch movies...
And I cabut at 6.00pm~
Going to see the concert of Pin Guan

Waited for almost half an hour for the opening..
Waste another 15-20mins hearing some ladies singing songs that I'd never heard of
And finally.. We get to enjoy the show.
It was really good and worth it cos I was sitting at the 3rd row
(Thanks to Jenny, for letting me the front seat)
He sang 20 songs I think..
Mostly unplugged... Really really good..
He played guitar and sing
one song after another.. no break in between
just some casual talking and that's in..
He look really cute and his skin is so good man..
I really had an urge rubbing his tummy when he's close to me
Haha.. Pien tai?
He got a lil tummy i think.. ?

30.04.2006 (Sunday)
My dear Bobby back to Miri :(
It's Ye's big day... and she is now..
officially 39yrs old ...
And my God.. next year she'll turn 40..
Damn.. How come she dont look any older?
(I said that to thank her for giving me free lunch everyday. Haha. "Polish-shoe")

We had lunch in Pizza Hut Gadong
Was suppose to had an hour lunch break
but end up going out for 2hrs..
My bad.. but..i sure enjoy it.
There was 14 of us..
Ah Heng Uncle, Eileen Yeye, Ah Hui, Zhi Zai, Ru Ru, Huan Chiu Ah Vai, Eng Eng, Chau, Lee Ping, Mei Yuen, Mei Fang, Mei Yu, and me..
I'm sure I don't want another piece of pizza or breadstick this week
We order... 3 large Vegetarian Pizza, 5 or 6 Sauteed Mushroom, 1 plate of pasta, 5 french fries, 4 bread stick, a few mushroom soup.. and I think that is not it
Well.. just incase you did notice what we ordered..
Most of them are vegetarian. Who says vegetarian had limited choice of food?

(Chau was taking this picture, and I wanted everyone in it. So.. I photoshop and added Chau in. Hehe. Well..with my amatuer skill, sure can notice that the light is not balanced. But..at least i tried)

A day with nothing special.
Went home after work, took a nap, and went to the fair to help out a bit.
Very Sien...

Gonna have a nice dinner tonight throwing a surprise bday party for someone..
To be continue..


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