Tuesday, May 23, 2006


: Hey, u remember who is xxx ?

Me: Er.. Dunno wor
Keith: Neh, the one who ever worked in xxx bank with you one leh..
Me: Eh.. I think I know kua.. Is it the guy look gong-lan gong-lan one ah?
Keith: The gong-lan guy that you're talking about is sitting beside me and asking me what is "Gong-Lan". And he says "hi" to you.


Lesson 1: Never talk something bad about someone in MSN! (where you're not sure if the someone who you're talking ill of will ever see it)

Die Die Die Die. Ci..la..ka... feel like killing myself now! How am I going to face him if I saw him walking on the street, with him remembering that I actually called him a "Gong-Lan" ?

Just..Just shoot me! Let me die..


Keith said...

Nah nah .. say bad things about ppl again lah. Later kena lightning strike then you know. hehe! Actually the guy was kinda kewl about it. Haha .. we were laughing our ass off. My face turned green trying to find the most proper and innocent word to describe "GONG-LAN". Sigh .. i guess "dumb" is a proper word to describe it, haha, I guess u learn a big lesson in your life eh? Guess you won't be that direct anymore in future. haha! Good lesson that can last you till eternity :)

Nonnie King said...

CB Keith Lim! Sabo me ! You wait, your turn will come. Muahhaaa.. Where's my Thien Thien?