Friday, May 5, 2006

Funny.. Pup got stucked

Our bitch at home, Mata-Mata home .. (i mean real in female dog ah) named Chii-Chii (Just in case you wonder why "Chii-Chii", eh... Bobby named it after "Chipet". Yea.. very kanasai, but funny. Haha) had give birth to several "batches" of puppies. Gawd.. once in Xmas 05, once in CNY, and now this "batch" in last April (according to Yani). Steady leh.. Ok.. this blog is not bout how productive the bitch, but about the pup.

K.. yesterday when Connie got back, she left a note on Brian's and Derrick's room asking them to rescue the pup. The pup is stucked! Stucked where?.. ok.. now this is the hard part.. it's stucked.. ermm.. i did took a picture.. maybe i'll just upload it tomorrow. But for now.. this is the ugly pic I've drawn using Paint... It's head's stucked between the wooden plank below the glass cabinets and the ground and right between those wooden blocks too. (Wonder.. how come it can get inside there.. and suddenly grows bigger therefore stuck inside? So kick?)

Brian tried to get it out but the container is too heavy and the stuff on top of the glass cabinets are impossible to be lifted up.. So... Brian just went back shower and keluar minum.. And waited till Derrick's back then move together. And as for me, i feed the sorry pup some dog biskuits and water.. keeping it's life, and kana the pup bite..Sigh... And super Derrick.. very steady, rescued the pup single-handed. Haha. I didn't see the whole process of the rescueing. But sure he did a great job.. And i hope he didn't break anything there.. Haha.. Later kana marah again..

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