Wednesday, May 10, 2006

having kids..

Recently.. I have friends who's either pregnant or baru give birth to a baby.. Let me count..
Norainn, Kim, Orange, Sim (i mean his wife) and ... They're so young.. and yet a funny, cute and sexy mummy. I tell myself that I'm not getting married till 28, but seeing my frens who are happily married with babies to play with..kinda make me feel envious la. Imagine that, by the age of 40, their kids are getting ready for Uni, maybe for me.. I'm still struggling to teach them write ABC, force them to memories their multiplication (1 x 1 = 1, 1 x 2 = 2 ...), chase them around the house asking them to eat their food, or clean up their bed sheets cos they have nightmares and pee on it? Lesson from Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility", Sim added "and great expenses". Raising up a kid is surely costly.. the school fees itself ah.. can buy a bungalow liao lo.. And you never know whether when he/she grow up, are they going to take care of you lagi? My fren's mum says "Aiyooo... I'm lucky enough if my kids don ask money from me ah.. What more to ask him/her give me money to spend". Sad but true..

But if you ask me whether I wanna have a baby or not.. definitely a YES ! I feel that it kinda "complete" a woman's life. Men are not given a chance to have babies but women yes. Is that some kind of "natural duty" given by God? And everymonth we'll be having a few days feeling bad, having pimples popping out, maybe some cramps, and all pantang rules like cannot drink cold drinks and cannot wash hair, and also maybe embarrasement cos we're having "heavy flow" and thus leak. Why women? WHY ???

See ah... how come only got "Shi shang zhi you mama hao?" (Direct stupid translate by me: In this world only mother good :p), and how come there's no song saying the father very "wei-ta" (nobel) leh? Is father not good enough compare to mother? In my case.. yes la.. but i know there are other really good dads around also ma. On mother's day, we give carnations.. on father's day... nada pun?

I have no idea what my conclusion is pulang.. haha.. But.. If i happen to be pregnant "accidentally", i will definitely keep it and bring the child to this world. I feel like.. my baby has a life, has a choice, who am I to decide whether he/she is coming to this world or not? Isn't it cruel killing your own baby. And Chinese believe that it's a really bad karma. And this unwanted little lives normally become "guai-chai" haunting around in the end being used by really bad bomohs. Shit.. what am i talking about? See too much movies liao..

I believe children are gifts from God, and I wanna be a mother! (not in the near future la.. I'm still very poor and I don't think Bobby is rich enough to feed 2 person now. I will prepare a list of presents you guys can buy for me for my baby's full month dinner, so I wont useless things that i don want. don't worry. Hehe. I wish i can do it for my wedding also. Maybe i just give my list to HuaHo.. like...Plasma TV, 2 door fridge, Home Theatre system, Muahahaaa... My dear friends.. u can start saving now. Or maybe find more frens to share. Muahaha.. I dont mind angpao also la.. )