Monday, May 8, 2006

My Lovely weekend~

Woooooo hooooooo. A bit sot-sot-dei now. Maybe not enough sleep kua? Drive all the way from Seria up to BSB. Lucky the traffic's quit good, no big lorries or any car accident (Touchwood). K.. let's talk about my last weekend. Swee Leong's (going to be refer as SL from now on) back from Adelaide, he's been out there working for almost 3 months and quess what, I'm so so disappointed that he didn't gain any weight. Damn! I just love seeing my frens gaining weight! Haha! I know.. i'm so evil. Hehe. At least I admit i'm fat ma.. ok.. maybe "fat" is too heavy, I just have a voluptuous body. Now.. that sounds better isn't it? (Kasian this siao-chabo for being lack of confidence ba). SL drove to BSB last Saturday just to get a letter from the immigration. I think that's his first time driving so far. But, he's not i can't say that he's brave. Haha. I bet my car's milleague (only 2mth old) is more comparing with his car (i think 2 years old) liao.

Then at night, SukChin (maybe she prefer to be called Nicole.. Ah..Whatever lah) asked me company her see a friendly match between HSBC and Soi-Heng. (Just in case you dunno.. Soi-heng is a kopitiam in Seria famous for Kolomee? Pau? Laksa? I dunno?) I went there.. i got asked.. "Which team u support ha?". Me:"Eh....Eh.... i think i support HSBC kua? Cos they contribute to my paycheck wor. And then.. so kasian.. so little people support them here also" (p/s: the match was held in Kg.Baru.. Seria..So.. Everyone cheers for kaki-lang lah of course, not some bank who pay so little interest every year kan..heh..maybe I'm not suppose to say that) uk Well... HSBC kalah la in the end, only by 10 points I heard. And kanasai Lausu-Pingko was late for the match and.. she was just in time to see them.. lose?

After the match, went to pick up SL and Chrisopher (I dunno why.. i still prefer to call him "Cyber"). Went to KB Mein Tang to makan. Sukchin came up with a funny mind-test question. The question went like this..

You were walking alone in the desert, and u saw a box. How far is the box away from you? And what is it made of? Then you saw a staircase, where is the staircase and what is it made of? There was a horse, where is the horse? (I know.. stupid and weird question kan?).

Box = ego
Staircase = friend
Horse = bf/gf/husband/wife

The funniest is Cyber's answer.. The box is around 1km away, made up from cardboard. Staircase near to him and made from steel. Horse is running up and down the staircase?!

I was saying.. Siao one meh? in a desert.. if the staircase is made out of steel, it's gonna be so hot that people can't even walk on it la? Must be the staircase too hot so the horse was jumping up and down the staircase.

Bobby's answer lagi funny... he say the horse is inside a pot and he's cooking it!
(Cilaka one.. cook me?)

After makan, we went to Sukchin's place. Plan to talk bout our Thailand trip.. but end up...playing Poker. Our dear Mr. SL played too much of it back in his days in Adelaide I think, so he forced us to learn and play. He's the dealer. Funny man.. Of cos.. we're not gambling with money, and because we cant find any chips.. we end up using lami tiles! 1 lami-tiles = $5.00! Haha.. I was losing and pinjam "lami" from Sukchin, but yet still kalah all in the end. So after a few rounds.. i dont play liao. Cyber was winning.. and talk and act very kanasai. (Maybe he's wearing red underwear kua?) It's kinda funny that SukChin actually "Sai-lang" for a few rounds. FUnny man.. pushing all the lami-tiles and yelled "Wo Pa Ni ah! Sai Lang! HMPH!" . (Sai-lang = show hand). But.. the winner is still Cyber... Must be SL dont wash hand one..

On Sunday, Bobby came to Seria and spend the day with me. As usual, went to yumcha with my mum, then my mum say she wanna dye her hair cos her grey hairs are too visible and she wana hide it. So i also go trim my hair and fringe. Ah.. hair always look nice after potong, but the next day.. super ugly liao. Went shopping but end up not buying anything.. After that, balik kampong and watch tv. Then feel hungry go out tea tea again in Universal, the famous kopitiam in Seria. And..saw a lot of frens there.. Not very close frens.. jus ok ok hi-&-bye fren, whom make me fee; reli uncomfortable and jalan after makan. Bobby says I'm just being paranoid thinking too much.. Or maybe I'm just anti-social nowadays? Think so..? I kinda malas layan people lately.. and feel very "fan" if ppl keep on tegur me.. It was like "Aiyoooo.... Cant u feel i malas layan you? Go away la.. I got a lot of things to do la.. Mai-fan me ok.. I dont have time for your complains and gossips la". But being polite..of cos i won't say it la... normally I'll just ignore it and hope someone get the hint.

Had been really really busy lately.. Deadlines, appointments, this and that... So sien. Kaiwen's not here. No one to talk with, no one to help me out the stupid paper works.. Tat soi-poh must be having fun now paktoh in KL. So jealous la.. Cant wait till July, when its my turn to go makan angin! Muahhahahaaa!

A lot in my mind.. but i cant seem to organise them la. Its like a big puzzle.. Sai one..

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