Saturday, May 13, 2006

Golf Siao

Heh. It's Saturday today but I just can't work up any enthusiam.

Me: *surfing and reading funny blogs*
Boss: *walk pass me and talk bout golf (He siao golf lately)*
Me: Boss, see this. Funny leh. *Show him an entry of someone's blog talking bout golf*
Boss: Why this fellow dont go and ask someone to coach him?
Me: You got find someone teach yourself meh? (Give him the "Cheh.. u so karit, u think u will meh?")
Boss: Don't you know you can get lessons and tips from the Internet. But the problem with those stupid lesson is.. First, they ask you position. Then focus and ah... swing you hand to n degrees and "cock your wrist". WHat the hell is "Cock your wrists"?
Badli: Aiya.. Boss, ask you to grip your club firmly la. *Showing him in actions*
Me: Eh? How you know one?
Boss: Ah lor, how you know one leh?
Badli: I think so. I guess so?
Me: Aiya.. go and hire a tutor or coach la.. But.. gali also.. imagine a hand behind your back and holding both your arms...
Badli: That's why he don wana get a coach la..
Boss: Wah..yesterday I hit 200 balls. My hand so tired now. Cannot do anything liao.
Badli: *Evil ham-sap grin* Is it? Hoohohohoohooo. So you're suffering what the professional hookers are feeling then (hand jobs).
Me: Ahhhhhh...Badd ah... how you know ah?
Badli: Aiyah.. can see from Internet one ma.. That's why they call it "Cock Your Wrist"!



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