Thursday, May 4, 2006


k... today its 4th of May, which..reminds me that it's one of my exs bday. I remembered.. but i don think i wana waste my credit sending him a text and greet him, remembering the words he ever said to me. Stupid bugger..! Haha.

Yesterday I had been out almost for the whole day, being my dear Mr.Badli's driver. Yeah.. driving the Kuda again. Went out at around 12.30pm and got back at... 4.30pm i tink? It's really tiring tho. I waited in the car for him for almost an hour when he told me just give him 15mins, he should be able to "kau-tim" (kau-tim = settle in Canto) the CSD machine. Sekali... i even fall asleep in the car while waiting.. I seen people out for lunch and back to their office. He apologized once he get in the car and told me that a screw, screwed him up. Haha. The usual job that took him 15mins went longer because he can't find that fucking screw. Imagine that, 45mins just to find a tiny-mini screw.

After that we went for our lunch.. late lunch as usual. He says he treats me lunch and bring me go eat some traditional Malay food and I had no objections. Sat down the restaurant and order a set lunch for 2, cost B$16.00. And... Badli went to gorek his wallet, pull out some small notes, mostly $1 and tell me that he only had $10.00, i have to pay for the balance $6.00. I took out my wallet and search for extra.. sekali.. i only got $1 ! Haha! imagine that! So.... I called up Jackie, and wan her to lend us $10. Lucky that the restaurant is just 2 blocks away from our office.. so i just walked back and get the cash. Hehe. Kinda embarrasing.. but.. funny. Well.. Badli says he don think the restaurant accept cards, so.. my credit card is not so useful there. Damn..
We're suppose to go ATM and 'tut-tut' some money out .. but i guess we totally forget about it when we're hungry.

Swee leong will be back soon and i'm seeing him real soon complaining and gossiping with him. *Happy smile*

Here... pic from Khim's bday. And... I only know 4 people inside.. Jane, Cheng, bday girl Khim and Heng. The rest... eh..sorry ah.. i forgot their names liao also. Wasn't in a very social mood that night. But they're kinda funny la, coming up with some cracked-up jokes and make us all laugh.

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