Thursday, May 25, 2006

If I'm dead..

This trailer makes me wanna cry la...

I wonder if Bobby will do the same before he die, writing a " IU"note ..
But make sure it's for me and not some other girls la. Hahaha.

Makes me wonder, what will I write if I know I'm dying?

"Ma, I Love You. I'm sorry if I ever make you mad, sad or did not give you enough money to spend. And Ma, I wanna donate my organs out ah, make sure I still look pretty k."

"Bobby, I'm pregnant... with someone else's child..

I'm just kidding. I love you. I'm dead doesn't mean you can forget all about me. If you wish to find yourself a new girlfriend or wife, you should ask for my approval by "Pua-Puee". If not, i'll haunt your girlfriend every night till she beh-tahan and leave you. And also, make sure your new girlfriend is not the type I hate one ah. The most important, you must keep a space in your heart for me, every year must visit me and tell me all the gossips. If you fail to do so, at least burn me some magazines la."

"Dear Friends, I'm dying liao.. Please kindly contribute more "Bai-Jing" (White-Gold) so I can have a nice and comfy coffin and a fabulous funeral. And also, I wanna be buried with designer clothes and also bags. Can ka? Think of this, you don't have to buy me birthday gifts, xmas gifts for the rest of your life liao, you got untung you know?

If not.. get me this ."
Daniel Wu, Takeshi, Gary Cao Ge, the last one for the moment I can't think of any..

p/s: I'm just joking. The above statement is all crapz.. But feel free if you do wanna do so when I'm dead


DmiTri said...

i dont know any of those people in the picture! Am i outdated?? I know they're singaporeans rite?? whahahahaha... :p

Nonnie King said...

Aiyooo... so sad la...

1st one is Daniel Wu, ABC from HongKong
2nd one is Takeshi..(damn.. i'm sure he's every women's dream guy for one-night-stand. Applicable to Chinese only la.. )
3rd one is a singer from Malaysian

4th one.. i'm out of idea who to put..