Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This is Manggis Hua Ho having their promo on OSIM products

This is Feli and I trying out the massage chairs.
(Wait a minute.. Why is the salesman posing to the camera? Isn't he suppose to talk and talk and talk and talk till we beh-tahan and surrender and end up buying that piece of chair?)

This is SukChin loving the chair. See her "I see Heaven" look!
Oi OSIM, want my friend to be your embassador or not? =p

We sort of tried out most of the products there, but one. the iGallop.. Erm.. Feli's really tempted to try but she malu. True also la.. who wanna look like this in public?

And one more thing, while browsing through OSIM's official WorldWide Store, I come across this. Err... iPoke?

Ooo-Kay~ So... I guess... the people in OSIM's R&D department... are all so horny!
(I wonder who named those thing? iPoke? iSqueeze?)

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