Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So Sien...

So sien la.. there's plenty on my mind but i just dunno where to start. I'm kinda addicted to reading Kenny Sia's blog recently la. Weird tho.. it's like you get to know things that happen to this someone and get entertained a lot just by reading their blog. But they don't even know who the heck are you. What if I really get to bump into him one day..wonder what will I say leh..
"Hey?! You Kenny Sia ah? You si-beh funny la. I read your blog one". Or maybe just am-chio (curi ketawa) there thinking.. "Aiyer... I saw the real Kenny err.. Wah lao.. Why is he digging his nose there? Wah! Stick it on to the tiang lagi...Eeeeeee yerr.. si-beh gali this fellow" Ok.. I'm just kidding la. Nothing to do baa..

My weekend is kinda fun. Spending almost 2 hours in kopitiam, waiting for the football match to end cos the guys just wont leave without knowing the result.. Sigh.. i think most guys are addicted to footballs just like girls loving their idols over the tv.. "Ou-Xiang" (the person that make you puke? Hehe). Speaking of it.. The Astro Talent bla bla bla 2006 is really really bad.. I randomly switch to that channel.. seeing those people singing and dancing.. really make me sweat! Wah lao.. are those judges deaf? How can they pass through those auditions? My goodness.. Definitely will not waste anymore time watching this kinda stupid shows.. All Crapz.

Sigh.. so many things to do..If only I can get into government and just goyang kaki everyday. Bruneians are sure lucky.. But..sadly...me stateless... Thew... Chi eh.. Yellow IC get paid every month by just being present in the class.. me leh, I pay for them to go to school. Even go KL also need Visa.. #$@$#!*&%^%^

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