Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Name is…

On 05th November, 1983, my mum brought me to this world. And being born in the the “King” family, we all followed “Zhu Pu” 谱" in naming descendants. In my generation, males are given “Seh”, and females as “Xiao”. My first uncle chose the name “Qin” for me. So, *ta-da*, my name is King Siaw Chin龚小钦。

Chau and Ping think that I looked like "Chucky" , and my mum... looked like Bruce Lee in this pic.

Both my parents are Foochow, and.. I guess all Foochows know, it’s common to give their child the baby name “Ah-Nong”... There, my mum called me “Ah-Nong”. Honestly speaking, I had never fancied that name before..till one of my mum’s friend called me “Nong-Nong”, then I baru find it ok la, a bit cute la. Try you go to Sibu and shout “Ah-Nong” on the street, I bet, 9 out of 10 turn his/her head around, age ranges from 2 to 80 years old, and the one remaining sure is “Ah-Thee-Eh” if he’s a guy. Everyone is either “Ah-Nong” or “Ah-Thee-Eh”, or “Ah-Teh” one. *Sien* Some of my closer friends like to kacau me by calling me “Ah-Nong” sometimes, and I’ll go like, “Hey, only my mum’s allow to call me that la. You my mother meh?”. When I was 3, my uncle got a FIlipino maid for my granny, she sayang me quite a lot, but she was not quite happy about what my mum called me, and so… she gave me the name Nonnie and gradually all my uncles, aunties and cousins called me that.

Going to kindergarten was not easy for me, for I had to memorize how to write my Chinese name. At that time, Brunei used Traditional Chinese and not Simplified Chinese, and this is how my Chinese name look likes.

Bet most of you can only read the middle. Hah!

All my primary classmates happily called me “Xiao Qin” and also, enjoy giving me nicknames like King Kong (the most common of all, even till I went to my high school I still get that quite often), Qin-Chai (Vegetables) and Qin-Wa (Frog). So “sweet” of them huh? Ya right… But dunno what happened, when I’m in my secondary, all my friends and classmates called me “King”. They find it easier to remember and say. And I like it too. So when I get to meet new friends, I’ll intro myself as “King”, and usually people find it amusing and asked more, or, go show-off their not-so-funny sense of humor by saying, “You King ah? Me Queen leh. We King and Queen ya”. So lame.

But when I started to work in CFK, I cant call myself “King” anymore, because people will get confused. There’s my uncle there, and 3 of my cousins working there too, and we’re all “King”. So, I start introduce myself as “Nonnie”, to be different from the rest of Kings, anyway, my father side relatives called me “Nonnie” ma. I figured it’s easier like that. But still, there remain some who called me "Xiao Qin", and I remembered C2 liked to call me "Xiao King"or "Xiao-King-King" , and that's so cute. Recently.. my moronic colleague likes to call me "Kong-Jiao-King", sounds like Banana-King la.. SAI!

. + . + . + . + . + . +. + . + . +. + . + . + .

And of course, like all couples, I’m given pet names by my love one. But I’ll prefer to keep it to myself, unless you guys heard it when Bobby calls me. J

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