Saturday, May 6, 2006

End of Fair

Phew.. finally.. the stupid fair ended yesterday. After work, I went home shower and ate my dinner. Then by the time of 8.00pm like that, need to go to the fair and help them pack up the things. It's kinda funny tho.. I never see vendors who take part in a fair "sau-tong" (tutup gerai) so early. When I reached there... some already upload their stuff into their van liao. Haha. Bet the boss make quite a big lost since they're taking more booth than us and business really sucks over there. Derrick hadn't arrived so we're out of boxes and trolley, so I pulled Jackie to shop around the place see whether got any last offer. Bought a nice cheap and cute bracelet for $4.

After a lot of kuli-kang, packing and moving of notebooks, memory cards, ink cartridges, and bla bla bla... finally got home and rest. Jeffrey was there.. and showing off his new golf clubs set. Sigh... and he told me his new schedule is going to be ,

Monday, Wednesday - Badminton
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Golf

Great... less time in the office again. Kanasai. Somemore tell me sooner or later I have to play it too.. Siao..

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