Sunday, March 1, 2009

Victoria's Secret Logo Tote (up for bidding!.. NOT!)


The logo tote.



  • Sexy pink patent accents with gold tone grommets.
  • Size: 11" x 3" x 13"
  • 2 exterior slip pockets
  • Magnetic snap closure






    Yup, the one Bobby paid got for me as sort of my Valentine's gift. Since its one of the Trio bags, this tote is one of them. I'm loving my handbag and weekend bag (perfect for my weekly travel up and down BSB) but this particular tote.. I found myself having no reason to use it!

    Reason is... most of my bags are totes and I seriously don't need another one so I'm bidding it off here, in my blog.  Consider it as some sort of goodie-reward for you my dear readers.


    Starting Bid: $25
    Bid Increment: $1

    A very good deal kan?

    Brand new, only *counts* 5 days old (arrived my doorsteps on 24th Feb) and strictly for serious buyers only.

    Just state your bidding price in the comment box with your name and email address/ blog url, NOT THE CBOX OKAY!

    Oh, strictly for residents of Brunei Darussalam too. Malas to go to post office to kirim. Since I'm travelling weekly up and down, I can do the delivery if not very far like Muara or Sg. Teraban, Labi, Meranking and so on... And also Temburong. But if you arrange the water-taxi drivers to pick it up, I don't mind sending it to Kampong Ayer.

    Any question, just leave a message or email me.
    You know my email....

    Oh. And lastly,




    He sms-ed me.. "I bid $30 so you can use it!" 
    What-the-heck to the max!

    The money earned is suppose to be my "borrow-flower-meet-Buddha" dinner treat for him, since he has been paying for all my meals now so I feel a little paiseh.

    But, if no one bid also nevermind.. I use myself as a laptop bag lor.
    Shit.. that's a good idea actually. Crap, I'm afraid I'll change my mind.

    Nevermind, die die post it first.. If got people pay high

  • Sorry folks, changed my mind. Not gonna sell it anymore. Gonna use it as my new laptop bag for school. Uh-huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~



    Pu3 said...

    owh no wonder itz all crossed out, i thought it was some sort of error or something :P nyway, i love the bag XD

    Nonnie King said...

    Pu3 : Yup, hope it'll last.

    Choonie, the Guru said...

    半夜换 (In hokkien). If my hubby reads this, sure he will say, "All cha bor is like that wan!" hahaha... but that bag is really good for laptop. No worry people robbing ur laptop.

    Drifting Cloud said...

    hahahaa.... you are funny lah... change your mind so fast???

    Nonnie King said...

    Choonie : Yup, because we're women.. Indecisive yet manipulative.

    But now.. I scare got people rob the bag. Hahahhaa.

    DC : A lor, by the time I was almost done with the post and going to publish it.. I suddenly changed my mind.

    Woman, you never know what's in their heads.

    -dee- said...

    I bought the exact same bag. But now its sitting in my closet. Tapi lawakan? I love the colour combi.