Sunday, March 22, 2009


My plans of being a typical blogger, taking lots and lots of pictures for the food I ate, the road, and whatever else.. not forgetting camwhoring with Soly failed badly today.

As usual, my camera's display light was being really naughty hiding in the dark and.. I kind of lose the motivation to blog my daily life nowadays.. unless there's something really funny or extremely frustrating.

Yeap, went to Miri, met up with Luuee, shopped here and there but ended up with zero shoes/bags/bajus... which kind of feel really depressing because I thought I'll meet my new love and be envied. The portion served in Pizza Hut was really really disappointing... macam kid's meal. Anyway, speaking of kid's meal... (as always) they- Pizza Hut disallowed me ordering kid's meal. Seriously, what's wrong with ordering kid's meal???

(Should have lied and said it's for my niece or nephew who is coming later or something like that...)

Can't I have a glass of Iced Milo, pasta with the right portion to curb my never-ending-feel-like-having-more-food appetite (so that I can have more room for other junk food) and lastly... ICE CREAM!!!!


I love ordering Kid's Meal bah! Why cannot why cannot why cannot?!


Anyway, the RTB Media Survey will be starting tomorrow. Crossing my fingers now praying that I will have a smooth day. Two assignments due soon too. And heck, even though I constantly complain about my busy life... I'm secretly enjoying it!!



I guess, I'm a Busy-Junkie.

Ciao. Gotta pack soon.


Anonymous said...

Saw u in miri!!! at parkson LOL

Nonnie King said...

Dressed very casually and totally unglamorous. Hehehehehe