Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have biceps now!


Semester break is over....

I'd been sleeping at 2.30am and waking up (naturally, ahhhh~ bliss) at 10 ~ 11am for the past week. And now... I'm packing for BSB, dragging my lazy footsteps to the hostel carrying my bags like kuli!

You guys have no idea how much I dreaded for this "pindah-rumah" process okay.


It takes around 5 ~ 10 minutes walking from the parking lot to my hostel block and normally, I had to make 2 trips because of the "excess baggage". I've seen some other girls using luggage bag with wheels so that they can walk gracefully like stewardess without making themselves sweat like a red-butt baboon... which I normally think I look like that walking helter-skelter trying my best to avoid any UV rays!


Another 3 more months to go.

Bah, I have to move my stuffs into the car while warming it (car) up.
See ya later alligators.

Spot me walking around in the Mall and the campus.

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