Thursday, March 5, 2009

InfoDay @ ITB

Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) will be organizing an ITB Information Day (InfoDay@ITB) on Saturday, 7th of March 2009 at the University’s campus in Kg Tungku. The InfoDay@ITB is open to the public and prospective students from 9 am to 4 pm. The deadline for applying to the University’s degree programmes has been extended to the 15th of March 2009 due to changes in the programme structure.

The activities during that day are:

  • Personal consultation with ITB academics on the range of the 4-year degree programmes available at ITB with explanation on ITB definition of ‘discovery year’.
  • Exhibition on few of ITB students’ hands-on final year projects physical displays.
  • University’s Engineering laboratories tour.
  • HECAS officers will also be available during the day whereby the prospective students can consult them regarding the registration process. They will also be able to register on the day as registration facilities will be provided


And now, I'm thinking if I should go.

I'm lazy to drive all the way up to BSB when I can just slack at home.. But then, if I'm going, I can meet Bobby for lunch (it's been a week that I've not seen him!) and get some info for my "brother".

Sigh... you people are so lucky.
If only ITB offered degree programme during my time... smile_sniff

Anyways, I LOVE ITB!!!

CIS18 Rocks!


Đ¼inna said...

Hey Nonnie! Thanks for the useful tips on phone & iPod! I haven't actually see KF700 yet nor the iPod but I was thinking since the phone could store and play music, why the iPod? And I too hear lack of functions for LG phones, mmm..what do you think? Are LG phones worth buying? I never use them.

Tina said...

CIS20 too! Hehe.

I was planning on applying.. Why don't we apply together someday, become same intake.

Oh, and I heard from CIS staff, that if you have GPA of 2.0 and above, you get to skip first year. Don't know if it still applies, since they're introducing 'discovery year', which lengthens their degree programmes to 4 years instead of the initial 3.

Boo hoo.