Friday, March 27, 2009

A little smile will do


Today is a very rewarding day not because I had completed my assignment a week earlier before the due date (read: kiasu-ism), but because I'd met so many nice people out there and get a chance to have a small peek at their lives and tons of smiles in return.

Every time when I feel like whining "Life's unfair", God always has His way to prove to me that... 人间有情.

And today, I guess God rewarded me for completing my assignment earlier and for being hardworking... or, for being nice to fat guy lately. Hhahahahahaa.

Malu to say, but... I received a pack of local rice today from one of the respondent I interviewed today.

*cue Awwwwwwwww*


I was pretty sakai when I saw them drying padi outside their house. After several conversation, they asked if I pandai eat beras Brunei and took out a pack and gave it to me. I went speechless for a moment.

It was my last house in that area and also, my first time interviewing a 6 years old. To be honest, apart from those houses who pretended that no one's at home (but with the TV/ Radio playing), the households of those which I interviewed successfully were all super dooper nice and friendly to me.


Hope such luck will continue till mid April!

I love living in BRUNEI!

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Papapapapadi said...

Awwww so sweet..
I dont think Ive tasted Beras Brunei b4. Is it delicious?