Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bags! from this '_' to this >o<

"Bi bi bi! Look look look! Pretty or not? So nice right? Sigh.. If only yadda yadda yadda yadda"

Constantly shaking Bobby asking him to look at my screen showing him LV Mahina/ Hermes Birkin/ Chanel 2.55 or while window-shopping at those boutiques selling grade AAAA bags. Of course, those bags with a "grade" are purely used as a teaching aid. I would rather save up to that certain amount and buy an authentic one instead of feeling 心虚 when using it.

Lucky for me having a really patient baby boo who will layan me and gives comment all the time.

But sometimes he'll crinkle his brows and asked...

"What happened to the "King" who said.. "I don't understand why some people would wanna spend thousand of dollars on a bag. Could have use that money more efficiently with 意义 (significance)".... smile_omg"



Couldn't help but the only word that popped up above my head was... "PWNED!"

Crap. Did he just think that I'm some materialistic b* who might probably tipu all his hard-earned-got-blood-got-sweat money, buy all those bags then dump him when he's broke?

.... wait a minute.

Me think too much.
He no have so much moo-lah for me to tipu.
If wanna dump, years ago when he was a poor student eating Tiger biscuits and Milo for 3 meals already dump lah. Wait till now meh?

Honestly, I can't really recall when did the transition take place?
I mean, the transition of "King who thinks it's a waste of money buying a bag for thousands of dollars, ITS JUST A BAG!!!" to the "King who drools all over her keyboard looking at those pretty bags, ITS NOT "JUST A BAG!!!" *roll eyes*.

Is it because of those fashion magazines / blogs / whatever media hypnotizing me?

Or the peoples I saw carrying those bags, thinking... "I earn more than her leh. If she can afford it, why can't I? If like then go buy lah Nonnie King, think think think.. think till langsat also ripe liao you also won't buy one lah cos you so karit" - having the 人有,我也要有 syndrome.

Or, is it because I think I deserve it?
Work till so hard, must pamper sendiri one mah. I use my own money buy one leh, so why not?


I guess, being a brand-whore is not a sin.
(Yes YC, I copy from you one.)

Not like I'm crazy till no money also die-die want to buy.
Or desperate till must-have-it-because-others-have-it.
反正, 有也好, 没有也罢~

For now, I'll just take my sweet time window-screen-shopping admiring those lovely bags from 50cm away.


Drifting Cloud said...

Well if it is a bag i like and will use it for a long time... then i might save enough to buy it...

But if you are just buying it as it is the "IN" thing now, hmm... i would think spending a thousand plus for a bag is really expensive for me....

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Me too. I sometimes feel that some girls dun deserve getting what they are getting then always feel envy. :( but so far I'm still quite happy with $20 bags. :p

CiliQueen said...

It is not a sin to once awhile pamper yourself with branded bag(s) it when you balum kahwin, once kahwin have to spend wisely maahhh hehee

Anonymous said...

I used to not get 'branded' goods. Thought they all look the same and a waste of money. Like what's the big deal about a bag with 'LV' printed all over it? Ugly also wah.

Then one day, I bought myself one of those original branded handbags. Cannot stop touching it, cannot stop playing with it, cannot stop smiling at it. It also boosts my self esteem. If I go jalan2 with it, it makes me feel like I can just slap random people along the way and still feel very good about myself.

So no, not a sin to pamper yourself once in a while. Problem is, once you buy one, you start wanting some more. XD I know I had that problem with pretty shoes. Oh, you have very good taste to be looking at Hermes too.

Nonnie King said...

DC : True. I think it's worth to invest in bags that can last for years.. rather than changing bags every few months cos koyak.

Chicky : I'm still using a $8 for 3 bags~

CQ :Every married woman is telling me the same thing, "PAMPER YOURSELF BEFORE GETTING MARRIED!"

Anonymous : LOL! I know I'll want more and more once I get started!

Btw.. the Birkin bag is my ultimate dream. Even Bobby is impressed looking at the faux one

Anonymous said...

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