Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can you guess?


Ever since I'd blogged about the "KB Slang" last December, a lot of my friends (who speaks the unique language) contributed more "words" and asked me to put it up too.

Here's some of them.

  1. "Heng1" or "Hen2" - the 1 and 2 is the pinyin tone or whatever you call it
  2. "Oh-li-tu"
  3. "For" & "Piang"
  4. "Ching"
  5. "Mook"
  6. "Kim"
  7. "Miek"
  8. "Bian-Yi"
  9. "Lao"
  10. "Lui"

Have some wild guesses peeps on what do those words mean. Please my dear Belait-ians, I know you pan-nai pandai, but let the others guess first ya.



If you're too lazy to guess all, well.. maybe you just pick one or two that you feel confident with and try.



p/s: I've been extremely busy... or my bloginspiration is all lost and I have nothing to blog. Bugged Bobby to guest-blog for me but he refused.



lavender said...

er.. i guess miek is pinching someone on the cheeks and bian yi is pian yi which means cheap... those are the only two i can come up with.. wait.. oh-li-tu = only two??

bcaiwong said...

oh-li-tu = diarrhoea!

bcaiwong said...

bian-yi = cheap
lui = money?

Nonnie King said...

Lavender : Your Oh-li-tu is wrong.

YC : You die lah! Left Brunei too long now "Lui" also dunno is what liao... Lui is lame lah.