Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love this "Doraemon" Mamee-look-alike keropok


Found it in Miri Boulevard and only realized its actually called the "LeeFah Noodles".

In my opinion... this is way better than Mamee but unfortunately, no one in the car shared the same feeling and couldn't understand why I love it so much.

One word, Nostalgia.

Used to buy it from the school canteen or those kedai runcit for 10cents only. 

Next, I'm looking for the $0.30 wafer icecream!!!

.... if you know what am I talking about lah.


MummyMeow said...


I know which ice-cream ur talking about..I love it too!!
I'll let u know if I found it.
Happy hunting

Anon said...

The wafer ice cream are stil being sold in most kedai runcit. But seriously, it does not taste the same anywhere and definitely not B$0.30 anymore. Good ol' days yea Nonnie...

Sha said...

Hehe, I know that rush of nostalgia when you find something from your childhood. like that time lex gave me hiro cakes!

Nonnie King said...

Mummy Meow : If I found it by chance, I am so going to blog it out LOUD here. Hehhehee.

Anon : From the place I'm staying currently, that is the female hostel and Seria... I can't really find any kedai runcit that's near to the house.. Any clear locations for me?

Sha : OMG! It's been ages that you leave comments! Hiro Cakes! LOL. The round butter cake dip fully in chocolate. But very sweet eh.

Tina said...

Ada jua those wafer ice cream around.. hehe. I only like the chocolate one. If I'm really craving, I'll take vanilla. Haha.

You can try Labisah!

McChickey said...

i want the 30cent ice cream also. the last time i ate it was years ago. no other ice cream can beat that wafer ice cream =]

Starboykb said...

it's hard to find in Brunei this Doraemon snacks. i like to eat when i was a kids until now I still wanted to grab some in my mouth. i think the taste is different now, probably more salty.

Anonymous said...

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