Sunday, March 29, 2009





I was supposed to wake up at 7.30am but the super silly + careless me forgot to set the alarm last night. And guess what, I woke up at 9.15am instead... by Bobby's text sent in to ask whether I was done with my work and ready for some hot... and steamy...... dim sum?

(You all ah... think of something else already is it when I said hot and steamy?)

Came back to Seria at around 2pm, had my brunch and had to rush out again to run some errands. Met my super-long-time-no-see "gang" and had my usual butter toast + half boiled egg in Universal. I super hate they closing time lor. Sigh... Every time chat till happy happy then they pull the gate liao. Damn potong-steam. And so, we went to OGDC's park and sat on the "chess-stairs" and continued chit-chatting.

Notice something?


I'm blogging about stupid silly daily happenings and my blog has no ... "weight" or "substance" anymore! I'm super malas to take out my camera to snap photos nowadays because... I hate embarrassing myself in the public with my crappy camera.. which I have to tap it for minutes to get the display on. And also.. the screw is loose and one piece of the "besi" keeps falling out. Super malu can die.

I logged in my Facebook justnow and squeaked a little because... 9 out of 10 status updates I saw was...

"Don't wanna go to school tmr!"

"LP not done yet!"

"Not looking forward for school tomorrow"

"Oh no! Tomorrow is Monday already?"


Heh. Am I the only one who is looking forward for school tomorrow? Yes, if only I'm that semangat 15 years ago and may be.. just may be... I already a super scientist with frizzy hairs and big round glasses and bad breathe... mixing some love potion to make men fall in love with me. Hahahhaha. Just kidding. Okay, I get it, not funny.

Any... Anyhoos....

Am I the only one who is hating channel 333... yes, the stupid Hua Hee Dai! The super annoying 24/7 Hokkien channel with super loooooooooooooooooooog with toilet roll Hokkien series having villians who will never die, and the main characters super ill-fated always cannot be with the one he/she loves because:

- the lover is the daughter/son of the father's rival
- the lover already have someone and they're together because he/she wanna repay kindness
- when have courage to express feelings ah.. then another yong-soi someone will pop out and ngam-ngam accidentally hug/kiss/hold/touch the lover.
- got cancer and die. Then hor, the script-writer will arrange the character who died another identity and appear in the series again.

It's like a never-ending vicious cycle!

I super hate that channel. Astro ruins my life for introducing that because nowadays I have to fight with my parents for switching channels.

But, I always kalah one.

Because, there's only 3 people in my family.

Mother and Father (2 votes) > Nonnie (1 vote) = Astro controller in my mum's hand.

Now, that's when I really wish I have a brother or sister...

Any, anyhoo... again...

(Sounds like I'm singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, used to sing... "ba ba bek shee any any wu" when I was 5 years old)

I wanna get some rest and see TV liao.

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