Thursday, March 5, 2009

An inexpensive way to organize your bags


I'm sure a lot of you ladies have the very same problem.
Too many bags! But never enough.

While starring at my bags lying on the floor, I came up with an idea on how to organize them. Fast, inexpensive and no prior knowledge on sewing or whatsoever needed.

You need:

A belt.


And some S-hooks.


The belt which I'm using came free with a pant. I chose it because it already has big hoops so it will be more convenient for me to put those hooks in. If you're using other belts, just enlarge those holes on the belt big enough to put the hooks in.

And.. hang it up.



I don't know for you, but I like my bags organized vertically as I felt that it saves more space.


See. Hang it behind your door and you're really to go anytime.    


Bobby said...

For a moment there I thought it's those SM belt hahaha. Never thought a belt could be so handy with that kind. Are we going to have lots of belt instead of cabinet to put bags next time?

27 said...

waaah nonnie, you're very creative lah! seriously. Im always amazed at every little new things you manage to do not to waste and reuse things.also save money. Bobby's funny btw hehe to Bobby, yalah better save up on belts instead of cabinet..cheaper bah heehheehe have a nice weekend ahead you two

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Karit also you. Can, next time I hang your ties and underpants up like that lor.

Then my bags and baju all nicely fold in the cabinet.

27 : LOL! Imagine the amount of time he has to nail those belts up.

cw said...

wat a brilliant idea. u can write to "good idea";生活智慧王.hahha..

Nonnie King said...

CW : I bet Good idea's audience are way advance than me. HAHAHAHHAA

kelly said...

So you don need the bag hanger that you mentioned anymore....cut the loops of hole from the belt & make a similar kind out of it...hahahahha

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : This is the cheap way mah.. Actually, I just lazy take the sewing machine out to sew the one I show you.

27 said...

I can just imagine already. especially with his favourite expression after nailing all of them! haha

Kelly said...

But I don have such belt at home, how to do one too??? nvm...mum will complained me collect dust again~ sigh....

WaterBased said...

That is such a fantastic idea!! I don't have that kind of belt but I am sure I can use something that has that kind of pattern.

Nonnie King said...


Kelly: Nevermind, your wardrobe big enough to fit your bags.

Max Max : A lo, there's a lot of alternative ways mah. Like.. chain, or ropes or whatever long and can create loops.. I think.

@lex said...

Ahem .. don`t hang too many , else cannot tahan ;)

Sheila said...

Hi Nonnie... I've been reading your blogs for a very long time now and this is my first time posting up a comment... I love the "bag-belt hanger". I could use it for my room coz I have lots of bags lying around my floor... So, thanks!!!

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