Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tertipu $1.50


I know its a small sum... I'm just disappointed.
Feel like the stupidest person ever.

It was my first time taking the boat ride to Kg Ayer alone and to be honest, I was a little nervous about it. I had no idea how the water-taxi "system" works, I mean like... going to the kampongs is easy, but.. how, when I want to get back to town?

Izza told me that its $1 for a round trip.

The first man whom I saw in the jetty area told me it depends.

The boatman... told me it was $1 for a one-way trip.

When I arrived my destination, I only had $10 and $2 (SGD) notes in my wallet and so, I gave him my $10 and he said he got no change. Then I gave him my SGD2 and told him that I will need a ride back to the port and asked him to meet me one hour later. I trusted him.

Then, the nice lady whom I talked to say it's always $0.50 for a trip and said, "Tamak kali orang atu..."

And so I walked back to the place that the boatman was supposed to pick me up, thinking that I'm going to ask him to give me my $1

... I waited.. and waited... and waited...

I remembered it was a yellow boat, and the boatman was wearing navy blue with shades. Damn! 8 out of 10 boats are yellow! And I couldn't even remember the man's face. I didn't even look at the boat name or whatever.


I was telling myself, just wait for another 5 minutes, maybe he will appear. But then, wah-lao-eh... my car parked there bai-bai tak-koyok, I mean... the charges for the parking space is $0.50 every 30 minutes man. Time is MONEY!!!

Really cannot tahan anymore and just hail the taxi... and wasted my $1.50.

Really, can only blame myself for being stupid to trust people nia...

Tips for first-timer who want to go to Kg Ayer:
1. Its $0.50 per trip
2. Get some small change ready
3. Remember the boat's name
4. Try to dress up less tourist-y. LOL.

Anyway, I feel much better now lah.
Wah.... justnow I really felt like a sucker.

Now I'm just going to tell myself maybe that $1.50 can do him some good or he needs money or whatever lah. Take it as I just donated it or what lah.





Okay, that was yesterday. Izza and I

I'm a very happy person today :D
2 mouths are definitely better than one because we'd completed 2 houses in just one hour! Woohooo!!!!!

Team Izza + Nonnie rocks. LOL.

The display light of my camera seems like is not going to light on anymore.. And all the pictures you're seeing now, are all taken without looking at the LCD or viewfinder. Steady!



P1210887 P1210888

And who says work is boring?
In this case, work is a hell lot of fun!!!

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