Saturday, February 28, 2009



I'm hungry.
I need food!

I don't wanna eat instant noodle or icy cold cereals for breakfast so I went through all the trouble walking to the hostel canteen - and saw only rice and rendang..?!!! Cannot lah, don't wanna eat that for breakfast.

Then I walked to UBD canteen, only 1 stall is opened and no food.

Walked to the Koperasi, belum buka...


Food is always readily available in Seria at whatever time!

7 morning 8 morning mien-tang already opens. Kolomee, Fried Kueh Tiaw, Hot Teh-C !!!!

Glutinous rice dumplings, chai-kueh and even western breakfast for like... $2!

If mein-tang tak ada, also got tea-car.
Its a wonder how the tea-car-uncle can fit so many food in the car boot.. even teh-c and kopi also can fit. HOT HOT ONE LEH!

Even Soi-Heng is like a drive-through for us sometimes. Just park beside and the staff will come out. I miss BIG PAU and Noh-Mai-Kai ahhhhhhhh.

Then last last, the 24/7 Zuki lagi leh. Even though it looks very doggy, but nehmind.. got food can liao.

Sigh.. I miss Seria.

*Sad puppy face*


WaterBased said...

Seria is practically a town of food. Everyone seems to be involved in food business. Even if they are not IN the food business, they all seem to be able to cook very well.

Hey, most people do not know what is Breakfast Menu and Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu.

Anonymous said...
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@lex said...

come back le

RV'78 said...

I think u mean to use the term 'dodgy' instead of the word 'doggy', isn't it?

Nonnie King said...

Max : I live as Seria people, die as Seria ghost.

SL : Ma come back liao lor.

Taneya : Yup, spelled it wrongly. Malu.