Sunday, January 11, 2009

Student life for another semester begins... NOW!

"If you wanna go tea on Sunday better make it in the morning or noon. I'm moving back to the hostel that day.."

"Do you really need that much time to move?"


"Wah lao.. move what oh? Move house meh?"

Not moving house, but moving room can be very hectic too.

You people who don't stay in the hostel have no idea how much things we have to move in every 6 months in and out the hostel.

Now, take a look at the rear seats of my car now...


  • 5 pairs of baju kurung for school (hanging up there)
  • Other casual wears and under garments. (in the white and blue shopping bags)
  • Cloth hangers (blue shopping bag)
  • Skin care product and cosmetics (in my white toiletries bag, gift from 48 for my 25th birthday)
  • 4 big bottles (1000ML and above) of water in my trusted ATI bag.
  • Then towels, bed sheets, table cloth, tissue box, toilet roll, hair dryer, power extension all in another bag (behind the ATI bag).
  • Shampoo, body shampoo, hair conditioner, detergent in another bucket.
  • Not forgetting my folders, laptop, and other miscellaneous things.

And.. that's all I'm moving up today.

The rest of my electrical appliances like rice cooker, jug kettle and mini oven are with Bobby now. Oh oh, and also my blanket and comforter. Can you imagine how many times I need to walk up and down the stairs now? Furthermore, my block is far away from the lobby and I'm pretty sure the road (in front of my block) will be blocked by other parent's car who is moving fridge and so on up.

Consider me lucky that I'm not bringing my personal fridge, broom, dustpan, iron board and iron.  (I can always borrow them from my beloved floor-mates)

OH SHOES! I have not pack my shoessssssssss.........



My sandal decided to die on me... Ya ya, from the look of it, its already time to get a new one I know. Nevermind, I'll just wear my ballet flats for the moment or super high heels to school.

Pardon me if you catch me walking really slow in my heels as I don't plan to buy another pair for the time being (realize that I have too many pairs that I rarely wear and decided to worn them out first) and it's too early to ask my pals to buy for me as a birthday gift. Kana ketuk kepala karang...

Alright, adios amigosssss
Another 5 more months to go~
Gambate Nonnie!


Groceries shopping tonight!
Oh ya.. Maggie mee and Indomee in the cabinet!
Haih. So unhealthy.