Friday, January 30, 2009

Nian Chu Er

music_noteDa Tuan Yuan, Da Tuan Yuannnnnnnnn music_note


That song is kind of stuck in my head now la. Well, its Chinese New Year so I guess I'm forgiven. I even harassed Soly and asked her to miss-call me so that I could surprise her with my new happy tong-tong-chiang ring tone.

Gosh! I feel like a 40 (and above) years old uncle with a leather mobile pouch stripe to the belt, wearing strip polo shirt and pants pulled so high up sampai can cover the navel baru feel secure. Oh oh. And wearing slippar-jepun, curly sotong balls hair that can be used as an insect trap and long finger nail on the little pinky.

Anyway, here's some pictures taken on nian-chu-er (2nd day of CNY).

L-R: SL, Siaw Hung, Li Ling, Justin, Me, Chris

I know I look fatter so..... let's not talk about it.

So, the initial plan was meeting up at Soi Heng and breakfast there. Abuthen Soi Heng tutup so we went to Ta-Hua, a restaurant that I long long also won't step in to makan one. And the last time I went in there was having lunch there with SL, 48 and Shane. See, I can remember things well. 

Before we left, I asked them to sit still because I wanted to take a picture of us in the restaurant. And they said, "Wait la.. we go Chris house then take...".

Okay lor. So I went to Chris house to pai-nian with the rest. Makan-makan, cakap-cakap, then when I said let's take a group picture, they said, "Wait lar... Go Ah-Ling house then take lah...".


Very uncooperative leh my friends.

Random pics taken in Ah-Ling's house, minus the camwhoring one. I was bored in the car while waiting for SL to come down from his house.

I'm not going to mention much what happened in the afternoon in Siaw Hung's place. Let's put it that way, the girls were very happy and the guys had to reach their wallets several times to pull out some extra notes.


Fast forward to malam....

Shirley invited us to her open-house because it was her birthday. It was nice seeing them (my colleagues) again. But I found myself left out because when they were talking about the school activities, I was really clueless and couldn't join in the conversation. Haih....

L-R: Shirley, Nonnie, Rohana. Vicky, Darren, Isa, Najib and Terry.

Not only I felt left out, I was also the only one who went there partner-less! Everyone went to the party in pairs. Then there came the million dollar question... "WHERE'S BOBBY?".

We're not Siamese twins okay.

And I don't understand why people had been asking me why didn't I stay at his place for CNY. Like hello? We're not married yet leh. I use what "identity" to stay there I ask you? I will feel paiseh to crash their family dinner especially on days like nian-30 (CNY's Eve). I know it's okay one, modern days liao mah... but I don't feel good about it bah. Furthermore, I don't see any problems of me being a lone-ranger for CNY. If Valentine's day then big big problem lah.

The Couples4
Clockwise from top left: Vicky and Darren. James and Shirley, Isa and Terry (just colleagues and not couple in love), Najib and Sheepy.

So I was bored because I had no one to whisper and giggle with, and also my appetite wasn't as big as Isa's who was eating and eating and eating... I found myself a new job...


Scooping the oil out from the kurmaaaaaaa!

Kick or not?

It was already an inch full in the plastic cup and there's still so much oil left inside the kurma. Can goreng cucur pisang already okay.

Cucur pisang with kurma flavour... anyone?


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I know Darren.

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GOSH !! I need to cut down on those YUMMY snacks !!