Friday, January 23, 2009

Project RunAway. My first basic skirt!


After 6 days with 1.5hours per day, sewing and removing for don't know how many times and pricked my fingers every 15 minutes due to clumsiness. I finally finished it!

Lesson 1 is basic skirt, which I guess is the simplest of all.


I totally un-estimated the difficulties in tailoring. Its even harder than learning how to use a computer in my opinion. The measurements have to be exact, the sewing lines have to be straight or at least smooth and not "S"-ing around.

I drew the draft in my book first. Then transfer the measurements to actual ratio is human form in the brown paper. Cut the fabric, a lot of pinning and sewing, wa-la... my skirt.



The zip...3
is the hardest part of all! I spent almost 2 hours sewing it, removing it and sew again then remove again! In the end my teacher help me to attach it to the skirt. Haih.

The sewing machine get on my nerves all the time! I spent at least half an hour a lesson in trouble-shooing wondering what went wrong.

Why the bottom thread is not popping up?
Why is it stuck?
Why the thread clumped into one blob?
Why this why that?

And my eyes are failing me... I seriously need to get a new pair of specs.

Oh anyway, the end result.



Its just a plain brown skirt. Nice?

$1.80 per meter, cheapest of the cheapest.
Plus zip, and thread and so on... I think the whole skirt costs me less than $5.

But the satisfaction of completing something and its totally wearable,


Merv Kwok said...

woot! job well done! =)

Siok Ngi said...

wa....the feeling of achievement is always the best! good job on the skirt! wah..imagine all the $$ people earn from selling clothes..tsk tsk..

Nonnie King said...

Merv : WOw! I never expect that you'll comment ever since you stop blogging. Haih. Why you stop???

Siok Ngi : A lor. But then, its really hard work lah. Imagining the numbers of hour they work on one piece.

kelly said...

Next time you can tailor made your own office clothes, because that skirt you made looks like an "office wear".....can you learn how to alter apparels/clothes yet bcoz i always send mine for alteration & the total amount i paid till today is almost a hundred already!! so we friend friend 50% discount ho? hahaha

-dee- said...

waaaahhhh thats so cool. The only sewing I know is how to sew on buttons. Other than that im kinda hopeless.

Anonymous said...

That was excellent!
Not an easy job at all. I made a skirt few years ago, and never again. Haha.
Did you made your own "King Nonnie" label? Hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : If I remember clearly, someone said.. "Eeeee.. You make one ah? I don't want." when I offered to make her new skirt bor.

Later I alter until cacak how?
I no money compensate one you oh

Dee : That's better than nothing. I went for tailoring class and that's how I know how I do it.

A-Nonnie-Mous : Make my own label? Maybe la.. but wait till I make at least 30 apparels. Now only beginning phase still too early. Hehehhee

maurina said...

where is this tailoring class u speak of??? so cool. i want make skirt also!

Nonnie King said...

Mau : The dressmaking school is in Kiulap. Near to TPH on the 1st floor. You can either choose to make baju kurung or fashion.

Its really cool!

I completed my skirts after 6 days of lessons.