Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Short Update

  • My (hostel) room stink like an old man's room and thank God I brought my scented candles along this time.
  • Still no sign of lizards, ants and monkeys invading my room. Amin.
  • I have, no.. we have to walk to another block just to shower because there's no door in our shower cubicles.
  • And also our toilets... that's for my floor only. Need to walk up one level just to take a leak. Great...
  • My other pair of slippers putus tali also. I had to wear HEELS to go pee and shower!
  • I left my bedroom slipper at home... Haih.
  • And also my laundry bucket (all my dirty cloths are lying dead on the floor now), and my hanging shelves too.
  • Oh ya, I left my chai-kua-bu (the cloth to wash dishes) too. I have to use my bare hands to wash the plates now...
  • Emotions and feelings toward some people being carried forward from last semester to this semester. Hahhahaa.
  • Still unapproachable and not so friendly... for some people.
  • Still a lone ranger walking to school every morning.
  • OH! The sun's out! Gotta go back and do my laundry! Adios~
  • Btw, learn something new and will show you guys the end product soon.

Hopefully, if I'm not too lazy tonight and Bobby is not asking me out, I will stay in my room and kuai kuai edit the photos and blog tomorrow~


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