Thursday, January 8, 2009

KK Road Trip (Day 3) - JABAAAAAAA!!!!

Short Note: Brother Hong told me the result probably is coming out today, AFTERNOON! I'm now waiting patiently beside my handphone and waiting for it to beep.


*cough*All As!*cough*

And I tried the whole day posting up this entry in Windows Live Writer but the connection is really bad today. Hence I got no choice but do it the traditional way.


Day 3.

Joyful day.

After a scrumptious seafood meal on day 2, our guilt urged us to do some exercise to flatten our tummies a bit. So we decided to make use of the swimming pool (which is just opposite of our unit).

For me, I was really swimming laps to shake off some fats, Yohei.. as usual just wanna relax and get darker (weird Japanese, typical Asian will only wanna be fairer and he wanna be tan -__-"), and Vict, her hot bikini bod really put me to shame...

Ya, this is the only time you get to see bikini pics in my blog because not a single fat chance you'll see me in bikini.. unless I weight less than 50kg, which, will never happen.

I look like fan-shu la.. (Potato in Mandarin)

Oh oh... while we're swimming, there was this cute kid riding his bicycle and passed by the pool. And, 5 minutes later, he appeared with his swimming trunk and goggle!

Jumped down the pool and swam here and there like a lost tadpole, blocking our ways and few minutes later, I guess he was fascinated by Yohei and started to copy him.

As in, followed whatever Yohei did.

Yohei was tanning under the sun.
He did the exact same thing. Hahahhhaaa.

By the way, the little boy is from Korea.

And you know what Yohei did?

He walked slowly towards the boy, lifted him up and... dropped him into the pool!!!

It was really shocking to us, funny and we're a bit worried if the little boy will cry or what..
Sekali, the little didn't cry but kept laughing while choking, and climbed up the pool and lied down on the exact same spot, then... ROLLED HIMSELF DOWN THE POOL AGAIN!


One hour later...

The boys were ready and the girls still need more time to dress up.
Yohei acting all hiao with my red mosaic scarf.

The boys watching some Christmas parade. They were all chirpy when they saw the Sesame Street Float and the old man... crap, I forget his name already. Nevermind.


I was mad at myself (same happened to Vict) for not applying sunscreen lotion on my body.
See the 2 tones on my thigh. I was already not very fair.. and now... Sigh.

Our brunch for Day 3

Finally, roast duck!!!!
Quack Quack Quack..~

Okay, that's not very nice to make the sound of it then discuss how tasty it was.

The salty seafood something soup, which the boys liked.

This was the only meal in 2008 that I ate 2 bowls of rice! Its not just some plain white rice, it's like chicken rice, but I thought its less oily and more fragrant.

And halfway eating, Yohei chuckled all of the sudden uncontrollably! After like few seconds then he told us why....

First of all he asked us if we ever watched Star Wars or not.. the boys nodded and said yes. And the girls, we're still clueless.

The he eye-signaled us the below lady,

and said, "You know Jaba? In Star Wars?"

After few seconds all the boys laughed hysterically like coyote.
If you have no idea what Jaba is... here, let me help you.


is Jaba...

Found any similarities?

I know I know. Its very soi but...

After eating, we then walked to the tourist information center because Alex needed some directions.

Some random street in KK

See, are men all like that? Damn serious when crossing the road and us girls still got time to smile and pose for the camera. I tell you, I hate crossing road with Bobby. I'm the type "RUN! Cheonngggggg ah!!!" when crossing having faith in human knowing drivers won't run over me one. But then, Bobby is those very ma-fan careful ah-pek type. Everytime when I rubbed my foot on the road getting ready to dash, he will ALWAYS pull me back and say, "CAR BI!".


"Aiyah! Still can one bah!"

I'm super impatient and Bobby is too damn patient and SLOW!
Opposite attracts my foot.

In the tourist information center.

Alex showing off his butt.

whereas these 3 civilians were busy checking out those brochures... and created more rubbish because they took them for fun and later chucked them aside. Yohei took the Japanese version which I think he did bring back and showed his friends and families. Bobby on the other hand smiled at me and said, "Bi.. you wanna keep it?"


The marine navigator (only helpful in water and not land) and the driver.

And the passengers at the back...


Finally, after like 20 ~ 30 minutes we arrived LOK KAWI WILDLIFE PARK!

And cheated our way in...


You saw the Entrance ticket?
And the category.....

Entrance fee for Malaysian is RM10, whereas for foreigners.. its RM20.
Its easy for us to cheat our way in but.. Yohei where got look like Malaysian?

We got stopped at the security check and the staff pointed at Yohei and said, "He doesn't look like a Malaysian.."

Then I quickly explained that he's a Malaysian but raised in foreign country and asked Bobby to take his Malaysian IC out and showed her. Hehehhehe. Cunning I know.

I'm still uploading Yohei's video in youtube and will continue in the next post.
New post tomorrow.. I hope.

p/s: This post took me almost the whole day to blog and publish!
And dear espeed, please be kind to me as I need to upload a video which is only 22MB. Tolong behave please.


Accyee said...

hey kk kk kk!! i will be there soooon:P hey your Japanese friend quite the fit ;)

Anyway, annoying la the kid. I wouldn't be able to stand it haha

Jewelle said...

Sounds like you guys sure did have lots of fun here! And naughty-naughty fooling the Zoo folks (although we do it too....:-p)

Hope to hear more adventures. Did you guys manage to go to the mountain?

Nonnie King said...

Abby : Ya, he's a tennis instructor and super very body conscious albeit he's a big eater too.

I forgot to mention, that kid molested me too! He grabbed my butt under the water you know. I would skew him if he's my student. Hahhah

Remember to take more photos in KK ah.

Jewelle : No jadi go to the mountain. Not enough time and too far. One day la.. one day I will train myself to be fit enough to challenge the peak!

(I think only tourists who follow tour baru will pay the "foreign" price)

Tina said...