Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My masterpiece of loon-chun-ness~


That's what that popped into my head when I opened my eyes this morning. No jadi do laundry yesterday afternoon because it was still drizzling but this morning... SUNLIGHT!

The first thing I did was not brushing my teeth or go to the toilet. Quick quick took my dirty bajus downstair and do laundry. Sibeh semangat eh.

Then while waiting for the laundry, I decided to cook myself a nice meal as a reward for my "rajinness". SPAGHETTI!!!!

Without minced meat, onions, tomatoes and button mushrooms....
But still can lah.

So I popped the spaghettis into my jug kettle filled with water, together with my cheese sausage and boiled 'em up. And also my fish fingers, off to the mini-oven. Next I need a rubber band to tie my spaghetti packet.

While searching for a rubber band...

(A baby one which is still reddish in colour, but still very disgusting okay!)

I remembered just 2 nights ago I was touching wood and telling Nikki that "So far there's still no sign of lizards and ants in my room... Lucky~". See! Really cannot say one those things.

So I put down my packet of spaghetti and left it slanting against the window and quickly go grabbed some tissue papers ready to hunt the lizard down.

Yeah, I'm quite brave in this case. A small baby lizard I still can deal with it lah. I just wanna get rid of it ASAP.


And so, within few attempts I successfully captured the lizard!

I quickly opened the window... and threw it out.
(Sorry for littering but..... I guess its excusable in this case)

Remember my packet of spaghetti that I left it leaning against the window?
Without rubber band sealing it?

Yeah, you guess right.. the whole packet went down the roof as if it was raining spaghetti.....

My window..


The room with the window left opened is my room lor. And use your imagination and picture the spaghetti falling down off the roof. Artistic lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wanna see the end product?

Ceng ceng ceng ceng~



Cool or not?

Bah bah bah.. I zoom in a bit for you.


There, my uncooked spaghetti that was wasted...
Bye my $1.29.


Why all these silly things always happen to me one kan?

My block mates thought that I was a genius being able to cook spaghetti out of my jug kettle.
Regulato sauce, I love you.


p/s: I tried my best to clear up the mess but the ground was too mushy for me to get near. So I'm sorry F4 mates, if you saw weird sticks on the ground, its my fault...


Kelly said...

Tremendous Artwork!!

Nonnie King said...

Of course.. don't play play.
How much you willing to bid?

Bobby said...

That's I call u chalie. You said you are very careless when I am around but instead you always do chalie things when i'm not around ah. Explain why? hahahahaha

48 said...

like one of those stories cannot be made up one.. how come always happen to u ah..
that's y we still don't like going to gift shops with glassware with u!

48 said...


Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Err....Er... Because.. I was thinking about you! Nah, your fault already lor.

48 : No choice... I'm born a soi-thing-magnet. Haih. Wasted ah my pasta. Damn dulan ah wen. Dunno can eat how many meals there liao.

-dee- said...

thats the weirdest and coolest thing ive read today.. hehehe..

baby lizard punya pasal..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. so cute. clap clap hand :D

Nonnie King said...

Dee : Hahahhaaa. I know, sounds like some sort of comedy act that's not suppose to happen in real life kan?

Anonymous : Thank you. Thank you very much. LOL

Kelly said...

Ah wen, I'm fine going to giftshops with glassware with her, bcoz if anything falls onto the ground just like the pasta? Its on her bill anyway....cept for "my face" part..hahahahha

@lex said...

LOLX .....nothing left to say ..

**~Pu-3~** said...

D zooming part of ur fallen spagetti bit makes me laugh XD

Nikkita said...

lol! this is such a funny and, dare I say, artistic incident ^_^ I remember the hostels very well, and I used to cook maggie and indo mie in my water kettle too ^_^

P/s absolutely love your light-hearted banters

Taneya Leong said...

Artistic-wise...the image of the fallen spaghetti looks super-awesome. Well done!

It's a good thing that u bother taking a picture out of ur clumsiness. Hehehe...