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KK Road Trip (Day 3) - The Battle Between Orang Human (Gorilla) and Orang Utan

There's just too many photos that's why I decided to break the "Day 3" post into 2 parts.
Back to the happenings in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.

The train or trailer thingie outside the entrance.

We didn't get a free ride on it and we didn't ask also. Hahaha. Damn rajin walked here and there and explored the place all by ourselves, and a map.

Vict and I (I was out of short pants and hence wearing jeans in such a hot sunny day!)

It was so hot that I couldn't bear the heat and rushed to all shelters I saw, leaving Bobby behind. And the poor guy volunteered to carry my bag most of the time when I started complaining. I know its not very cool for a man to carry a woman's bag but I swear! He loves carrying my bag and find no problem with that.

Sometimes I tumpang my bag to him for awhile to go to the washroom and after I come out, I wanna take my bag back but he will say, "Its okay, I can carry for you...". I'm the one who feels not right with that and explained to him that he will lose his macho-ness and demand that he returns my bag at that very moment. Sot one him. Bah bah bah, I know he's just being caring lah.


Sorry, malfunction sikit cannot spell elephant.

I tell you, Yohei was super excited with the elephant ride because, according to him.. riding an elephant is near to IMPOSSIBLE in Japan.

(His mum works in the Tokyo zoo taking care of elephants)

Waiting... and waiting...

Since he's the odd one out (without partner/ girlfriend), Alex and Vict were already on the elephant, the caretaker initially suggested that the remaining 3 of us could share a ride. As in, Bobby, Yohei and I which is... roughly 200+ kg on a single kasian elephant. So we skipped the idea and Yohei rode on it alone.

Alex and Vict.

Have you ever wonder why a typical nerd/geek/uncle-ish boy like Alex could score a hot pretty girl like Victoria? Sorry pal, all I can say is..... life is unfair. Hahhahhaaa

The Chubs.

The elephant I rode in Pattaya 2 years ago was wayyyyyyyyyy bigger than the one in KK. And Bobby had already freaked out riding on this elephiphiii. Don't you know? I'm the "man" in our relationship and he's my.... *toot*.

The turnips that kept the elephant going.
(His "salary")

Those hairs on the elephant's tail disgust me...

Mrs Mozumi is going to freak out seeing Yohei riding on an elephant.
Furthermore, it only costs RM5!

After the elephant ride, we continued our mini tour in the park.

Taking a rest and 100Plus rules!

Yohei damn layan when posing.

Yohei wanna kiss you. LOL.
Alex on the left. Bobby and I on the right.

His signature BJ face/mouth.
(Seriously, Japanese damn banyak emotions on their face)

Or in shock or what so ever.

Smoking kills!

Boys and Girls, don't do that.

I think I was amazed by what Yohei claimed he could do.. popping the soft drink can into his mouth! No kidding!

See, got proof

He can fit the whole can into his mouth!!!!!!!

Damn terror.

See how shocked were we. I was supporting my jaw incase it dropped on the table.


.. continue our sakai / suaku animal wow-ing trip.

Sun Bearsssssssss~

Or Honey Bear, which is used as a common name for sun bears and sloth bears.

I thought they look really cute but when they're walking, their paws seems a little cacat being all "bendy" on the floor and goyang-goyang when walking. I don't know how to describe them so here, let the photo do the talking.

You get what I mean now?

Next stop,


For the first 3 minutes the tiger did nothing but idle on the grass like a dead log! I was looking forward for some action one okay, not a kitty-meow roaming around. Haih. The leopards in Night Safari gave me more thrills than this tiger.

Fine. I know tigers only hunt at night. Furthermore this is a tiger that has been locked up for God-knows how long. Sure hilang those hebat-ness already.

Ring-tailed Lemur

We saw the orang utan signboard and said,

Told you he damn layan our silly requests.
Very sporting one.

Modeling for us


with a freaking cool fridge!
Got style oh.



Dutchman of Borneo

The Proboscis Monkey, live for the first time in my eyes.



They look like monkeys with fur coat.

And when we're on our way to the "arena" for Orang Utan performance...

the elephant we rode earlier on also habis kerja balik kampung looooooooo~

Finally at 3.30pm, the animal show begun~

Meet Marsha the Orang Utan.

She was swinging herself on the rope, grabbing some plants and gave it to the caretaker while the presenter introduce her species and their characteristics.

The presenter mentioned that Orang Utans are very strong and asked for volunteers to come up the stage and go have a competition with the Orang Utan.

Biasalah being very nice and sweet friends like us, we must "support" our friend mah... So we all pointed at Yohei and asked him to go up the stage and showed the Orang Utan some color!

The competition was, pulled out the husk from the coconut and get the fruit with bare hands.. or feet, or maybe teeth too.


Check out the movie!

Hahhaa. So funny.

The presenter was shocked because Yohei beat the Orang Utan and jokingly offered him to "work" in a zoo and pull coconut husk. HHAHHAHAHAAA. Good sense of humour.

Boh, Orang Utan marah liao~

A very old eagle... I think?

I thought they're called "Parrots" but they're not..
Help, anyone?

There's also this short bird show but one of the bird very no-give-face and don't layan the caretaker. It was suppose to be a competition between the two birds walking to the other end of the table, picked up the pingpong balls and dropped them into a mini basket like basketball. But one of the bird langsung inda layan.

Holiday mood I guess.
(The day we visited the zoo was on 24th December, Xmas eve bah)

More Orang Utan

She's hairy everywhere except for the armpit!

Awwww.... so innocent.

SNAKE! Okay la.. small python.

Don't care. Regardless of the size or species, I'm still terribly afraid of snakes! I shouted and immediately lifted my feet up and curled myself hiding behind Bobby when the presented took the snake out from a box all of sudden.

Took me quite awhile to get this photo. Thanks Vict.

It was really difficult to take picture with the orang utan as there's a certain distance we need to keep away from it. And there's this bastard who just squeezed in between Vict and I while I was already posing for the picture. What's worse was.. HE STEPPED ON MY FOOT AND DIDN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE! Curse you!

The kanasai uncle in orange.

Us in a choo-choo train.
Ek-sen only.

The souvenir Yohei bought in Lok Kawi.

Guess how much....

So expensive can die lah! And you know why he bought it?

It's for his ex-girlfriend whose name is also Mariko, same as the Orang Utan.
The bag has the name Mariko on it and also the Orang Utan.

I wonder how would Mariko feel when she saw an orang utan shares the same name as her. I don't know, I will be damn piss if Bobby bought me a chimpanzee just because the chimpanzee's name is NONNIE. Probably will strangle Bobby to death or marah him saying, "WHAT THE FISH! RM90 for a plushie! You think I'm eight years old is it?".


More KK Road trip travelogues to be continue.

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