Friday, January 2, 2009

The last day of 2008

If I'm not wrong, most of my new year eves for the past few years were spent at home watching TVBS countdown concert, amazed by the fireworks of Taipei 101 building and sulking why was I alone watching tv at times like that.

Sucks to be me.

But this year we're going to do something different. Bobby suggested that we should spent it together and outlined the whole schedule for the night.

A romantic dinner and take a stroll down the memory lane at the beach while waiting for the fireworks. The night is supposed to be good.


So yeah, I took a risk and wore the corset inspired tube top and pair it with my satin-ish short pants. Both from Nichii by the way. I heart Nichii. Affordable and nice. And the tube is one of the xmas gift from ah-fat, I mean Bobby. Crap, I gotta stop giving him new awful nicknames.


Well.... I got to wear the white shirt inside because... I'm not thin enough to show too much flesh and, even wearing like that walking in the Mall, I couldn't help but think that everyone was starring at me. Macam alien...


Should have bought some patterned and laced stockings in KK that time. Now don't know where to find again liao lor.

Anyway... so, his ideal night is, romantic dinner cutting steak in a dimly lit environment listening to some "hotel lobby-ish" music like The Moment by Kenny G, which ah-fat loves.

But it turned out that the restaurant prefer to give us (the customer) some new year party mood by having a live band playing,lots of balloons floating in the air and a party set on the table.


How sweet....


Abuthen... sorry to say but, the music was too damn loud that we couldn't hear each other and had to shout to communicate. Its very annoying. I'm not saying that the band was not good enough but, it just felt so wrong.

I turned my head to the left, I saw an elderly couple looking awkward and clueless. I looked at my right, I saw kids jumping trying to grab the ribbon of the balloon. Then in front of me was an inexperience band with the vocalist looking at the laptop while singing (I suspect he was looking at the lyrics) and the guitarist dropped his guitar and made a loud BANG scaring all of us while eating and them snickering behind at their mistakes.


And Bobby looked sorry and felt guilty for choosing that place because he knew that I wasn't enjoying the "atmosphere".

Pumpkin and Tomato soup

As for the food, it was okay. Just okay.


I ordered lamb chop and the knife was not doing any good in cutting them into smaller pieces. I had no choice but made a fool out of myself by using my fingers to tear and pop the whole chunk into my mouth. People can stare all they want but, I was hungry! I don't care.


Bobby and I agreed that the only thing that we enjoyed and loved most was.. the corn on the cob. Oh ya, and the 12% discount that we didn't know at first until he asked for the bill.

So feeling a little beh-song, Bobby suggested that we should go Swenson for an ice cream to cheer ourselves up. Lol. Diet plan can always wait don't you think? Especially when it comes to ICE CREAM!!!

Then we bumped into the sweet couple, Heng and Khim, wandering around waiting for their movie to start. So I invited them to go Swenson with us to chill and lepak.

Eh, you two should kahwin first okay! You guys paktoh longer than Bobby and I leh...

Again.. it was another disappointing experience in Swenson because most of their ice cream flavors were UNAVAILABLE!!!! Bobby spent almost 5 minutes ordering his banana split because all the flavors he wanted nadai. Well, the waiter explained that its due to the shipment delayed from Singapore and they will only have those flavors end of this week.


As for me, I ordered the classic vanilla cone.

And nearly burned the wrapper with the tealight candle.
Very amai tangan.

After the ice cream, Bobby and I then went to Jerudong beach. But out of curiosity, we decided to drop by Empire to check out the crowd and celebration first. Sekali.... the cars parked until the roundabout at the entrance there! And cars can no longer without reservations can no longer parked inside. So, we only round-round at the roundabout there then jalan liao.


And when we reached Jerudong beach, there were already a lot of cars there. So we just stayed in the car and opened up our snacks and drinks.


I was busy munching and Bobby, busy playing my Whitie...


Eh, what happened to the "walk down the memory lane" ????


Bah, I walk sendiri then.

Then came 12am and fireworks boom-boom-boom.


Sorry ah, that's the only picture of fireworks taken by yours truly. Aiyah.... Not like you guys never see fireworks before kan? If you really wanna see, go google them yourself.


The fireworks ended at about 12.20am, I think? And... we got stuck in the traffic for more than 15mins. I was already very tired and felt even grumpier stuck there. And I told Bobby, this is the first and also the last time we "celebrate" new year at the beach waiting for fireworks. 

But I manja Bobby ask him to bring me to Taiwan and see Taipei 101 fireworks live one day!


So yeah, we didn't do the countdown. We didn't have a romantic dinner and we didn't have a sweet and memorable times on new year's eve. But its all fine. At least I'm with him mah...
(goosebump moment)

And... our first meal in 2009 was....




Followed by a movie "Bedtime stories" at the Mall. So, that pretty much sum up my new year's eve and new year's day.



Oh oh!

I saw something really interesting yesterday in Gadong!




I guess the owner must have really love SWEET AND SOUR FISH!
Hahhahhhaaa. So, is sticking your favorite food on your car the new "in-thing" now?


Accyee said...

ouuu i love your oxfords! dari mana?

Nonnie King said...

Vincci Miri. But I saw some other colors in Vincci KK too.

I bought a really cute pair of ankle boot from Vincci KK and its only RM60+!!! (After discount that is, still... SO CHEAP CAN DIE LAH compare to C&K in Brunei)

I tell you, you gonna have a jolly good time shopping there as the fashion is way advance compare to Miri and Brunei.

Kelly said...

Lucky u didnt get lacey stockings, the one you wore is just nice & enough for our age darling......I myself also don dare to wear "lacy or colourings" one eh......

Nonnie King said...

Hahhaaa. I'm not saying those bright yellow or blue one mah..

You know I'll pick the boring color like gray and beige those... And the lacy also not kua chang one.

I saw some checkered one quite nice.

nikki.szeli said...


Happy New Year Nonnie ;)

And btw, I was laughing 'coz .. I know the car owner XD Even myself also wondering why did she get that sticker .. I should have ask her so I could give u an answer now! XD

I like your outfit! =D

Accyee said...

BWAHAHHAHA I SHALL BE IN KK IN EIGHT DAYS *chants eight eight eight :P


i got a pair from Charles & Keith brunei and they were $50+ pengsan die

Nonnie King said...

Yes go ask her Nikki! And its more surprising to know that its a "she".

Her favorite food kah that one?

-dee- said...

nonnie i saw u at charcoal that nite.. but u were on the other side of curtain so hard to say hi.. hehehe.. happy new year!! Next time order ribs easier to cut.. lamb chop or steak gerenti susah to potong ehehhehe...

nikki.szeli said...

okay! u shall wait for my answer =P

urmm .. don't think that's her fave food le ~ XD

Nonnie King said...

Dee : Thanks for the tip! And why didn't you come over to say hi ah?

Nikkie: If its not her favorite food... DON'T TELL ME ITS SOMEONE'S NAME!!!

nikki.szeli said...


it might be inspired from her dol .. who knows?? coz she's 'pretty' crazy over a female group .. let's wait till i see her ;)

mana tau i rush to ur hostel and tell you. HAHA!

i know the green sticker is her name laaaa ~

tasha said...

Aww... nonnie... you post pic of someone that I miss the most in brunei. :( I called her when I saw this pic but she didn't pick up. ANyways, love your outfits.

Nonnie King said...

Nikki : Block F4 room... nevermind, I think I'll sure bump into you when moving back in.

Tasha : Aww... I guess she's busy or something. She's so thin now you know. I always ask Heng to feed her more when I saw her.