Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy MoOOooOoOoooo Year !

Wish elibadi a-cow foo foo, money money come
strong like cow cow, drink many many water
Big cow small cow all the cow cow also happy happy.





p/s: I think all girls love to see / stare / check their achievements (blackheads stuck on the nose strip) that's freshly peeled off. Hahhahaa.

At the moment, I'm alone at home waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Washed the toilet and bathroom.
Ate "gathering dinner" at my neighbour's.
Used my epilator.
Painted my nails.
Removed the blackheads.
Fit mask over my face.
Apply moisturizer...
Blogging and watching channel 301 at the same time.

So, what's next to do?

What's there to do for tomorrow?

I'm feeling a little lazy to drive up to BSB actually. Guess I'll just stay at home and tapao my favorite bento set from Kaizen.

I used to hate CNY songs with those tong-tong-tong-chiang. But now I hum along when the radio is playing it. Gosh, I think that's a sign of aging!


GroundBeefHeart said...

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Cina!!! Hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Terima kasih Effy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year Nonnie! Have an awesome and prosperous year ahead! Has

McChickey said...

happy chinese new year. btw it was supposed to be "buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih" ain't it? heee :B

Nonnie King said...

Hasrul : Will try to!

McChickey : LOL! That's the new phrase I learned from the Kumpulan 69 actually.

McChickey said...

Oh. They are funny. I still have their vid when they performed at jph's raya celebrations. Heee.

27 said...

Nonnie.. i seriously thought the first picture was of a fruit or seaweed.. what brand you use? so effective ah...

Ox said...

Happy Chinese new year!!
Heheh i still dont like the ton-tong-tong-tong- chings. Hurts my ears. lol .. no offence

Nonnie King said...

Eraa : Ya, eventhough half of the time I don't quite get it but once I understand I was laughing like a hyena.

27 : HAHAHHAA! Seaweed! Its Biore, the black one.

Ox : I hate the old loud and noisy one too. The new and light hearted one actually.