Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gucci Gucci Guuuuuuu

Hi dear friends and readers. I got some really good kang-tao (deal) for you all here.

Don't blink ya!

Authentic Gucci wallets for sale!


My darling Soly bought those pretty bi-folds in Korea last December.
(Ya! That new, less than a month old okay)

Extremely new.

Never been used.

Only adored....

Complete with boxes and even receipt pun ada!

Perfect for Valentine's gift don't you think?
Couple wallet mah.

How much you ask?

2 for.......

Need $1000 or not?
No need.

Need $900 or not?
No need...

Need $850 or not?
Still no need...

Then, how about $800?
Belum lagi.

Then.. Then... $750?
Cheaper again~

Excuse me, its 2, two, dua, er, GUCCI WALLETS okay.
If its $750 then that means one for $375 for each.
Don't you think its a damn good bargain?

The price is...

*drum rolls*

B$720.00 for two.


Just to remind you again. With boxes and receipts okay.
100% real and no tipu one.


So, if you're interested you can email her at or maybe drop some comments to ask anything if you want. By the way, price is negotiable.

(p/s: I checked online and a normal bi-fold will cost like US275 - $300 plus.
You do the maths yourself lah.)

Again, this is not a paid post.
I'm just helping out my friend.

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