Tuesday, January 27, 2009

44 / Serikandi / Mini-bloggers gathering


Short Note: How's the new skin folks? I had always wanted to have a 3 columns template and I finally found one with big (enough) post area to fit pictures in. Somehow I can't seem to insert in a blog banner, but anywaysssss, I'll figure a way out.. Or just biar kan ia.



I think I'm the last to blog about Madam Tiff's (his wife) surprise birthday party and the rest had it all covered. So yeah, the lazy me just post up some photos (which I'd curi from here and there) and their blog links. HAHHAHAHHAHAAA.


Awww.... look at them. So sweet.

Oh, and those yummy cupcakes from Bunny, which disappeared really fast and I had to ask Mau if I could have some of hers.


Grinch was the driver of the day picking Liza and her Superman and lastly me, in Seria... albeit he's like an hour late from the time he promised.

"Buffalo" (LOL! "Beracun" couldn't get his name right for the first 2 minutes and that's what he... she called him) played host and kept us entertained juggling around tables.

Mau, taking a gap year travelling around and making us really jealous just by hearing it. I'm so not going to visit your blog Mau, sakit hati looking at it when I'm penny-less to even spare on luxuries like spa treatment. What more to say makan-angin?

Hasrul, whom I bumped in occasionally in the campus. Click his name! He does reviews on sanctuary. How cool is that?

And E, so genuine and nice to talk to.

Not forgetting to mention that Rano and Alin were there too.
Koko Reeda, where were you? You said you're coming eh.


Oh oh! Saw the above picture? CHANEL & a DSLR!!!
My utmost desirable items of all time.

E, I'm really really jealous of you having all those collections of Chanel babies!

Oh, and on the right was the amount of food I ate that night.
NYAMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN !!! I was really greedy that I just wanna take a little bit of everything, and ended up with se-bukit makanan eventually.
Those clams were totally to die for!


Okie, I'm sleepy now and I'll leave it with their links if you wish to see more.

From Liza.
From Pablo.
From Hasrul.
From Iskandar.
From Bin Khalid.

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Anonymous said...

Nonnie! Sie Nin Kiaw Ler! Is that correct? Happy Chinese New year - hope you have a prosperous year. Btw - thanks for linking my blog. I get like a considerable amount of traffic ever since you posted this post. Thanks!!