Saturday, January 17, 2009

KK Road Trip (Day 3 & 4) - Xmas Eve and Balik Kampung

Short Note:
Sorry, I'd been procrastinating and don't know why.. without internet connection in my lappie, I had no mood to edit the pictures and blog. All I did for the past few nights were, watching series or crashed in my block mate's room and chit chat then go brush teeth together. Its fun to be in a group. No more lone ranger-ing~

Anyway, I've been thinking if I should edit my blog skin... hands getting itchy again.


Hehe, continue on Day 3.
I know.. this post is so last-year.

So, after visiting the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, we went back to our apartment and took a rest and shower before heading for dinner. And of course, the girls get dressed up a bit because its xmas eve but the guys just wouldn't give a damn for it. Except for Yohei, he wore long pants (jeans) for the first time for the trip.


Getting all dressed.
Just, ignore the mess on the table...


while waiting for the rest.

LOL. Bobby was wearing his "Curtin Carnival" shirt. And he's super embarrassed about it but who ask him don't bring more baju...

we went to this restaurant

The waitress who served us was sweet and nice. But not the floor manager or supervisor lor. Forgot why liao, but I remember the dining experience there wasn't exactly that great. But the food was nice lah, just a bit pricey.


What we ordered. Sorry if you can't read Chinese.



I'm sure Bobby misses the zhu-du noodles. And he asked if I can cook that. Wah lao eh... I don't know and don't want to learn how to wash the oink's spare parts leh... 

Xiao Long Baosss.

Sorry, the photo was overexposed. Must be the time when the display of my camera went blank.


Yohei concentrating in eating


All of us.

After makan makan, still early to go to pubs / clubs or whatever to join the crowd, so we headed to Centerpoint for more shopping.


while waiting for Bobby in the fitting room
p/s: I love my ankle boots. So CUTEEEEEEE!


Yohei and Alex illustrating how big the blue shirt is.


Vict loving the bag, but she didn't get it.

Next stop,
Bintang Duit~


Yohei ko-piak...
which means stuck to the wall.


Alex bought a new pair of shoes and terus wear 'em.


Caramel something? Or its Mocha? Can't remember...


With the adorable Vict with a lot of funny and silly quotes like, "Nah, oh your God or not?".


After Bintang Duit, we headed to the harbour front wanting to meet another friend. But, wah lao.. damn many people okay. To be more precise, damn lot of youngsters! The boys dressed up like Ah Bengs and the girls wearing skimpy dresses that the teacher in me had the urge to go towards them and pull down their skirts a bit.

(I thought Yohei would be happy to see those girls but he commented that those girls looked cheap. Ouch)

Instead of crashing into a club that's super full people, we chose an Irish bar which is just a couple of shops away. Guess we're all too old to be party animals. Haih.

Yohei, Nonnie and Bobby.
Saw any difference?


Us again posing.
Bobby, you need to try harder.


Vict looked stunning effortlessly...


More of us

And.. while chit chatting, Vict had an idea of having me posing with her fedora... Damn fail lah. She was like guiding me, "Nonnie, you tilt your head like that, then look at your shoulder. Then put your hand there. Look sexy.."

Sexy, is something that I'll never be... I think?
And also not a single fat chance to be a model too.

Vict looked great and... me, so cacat!
Macam I wanna scratch head like that.


Group picture again~

Next stop,
Tanjung Aru beach.


Bobby and I being the oldest in the group, preferred to just sit on the rocks and chat.
Old and tired liao bah...

And when we're back to our apartment, we exchanged our xmas cards, which I forgot to take pictures of it. But we had almost the same idea in making the card. Hehhehee.

Our Christmas gifts. His and Hers.


Next morning, 101
The day we came back to Brunei.

Pan Meeeeeeeeeeee


You know ah, when someone looks good.. he/she can pull it off no matter what silly accessories or clothes he/she's wearing. Like Yohei's shades.

He looks cute in it. But the other two guys looked like Stevie and Wonder playing keyboards with a milo tin on a street. 


Our luggages

The whole belakang of Innova full full.

Our lunch, stopping by in.... Sipitang I think?105
Murtabak / Roti Canai / Roti Prata


Yohei, with the pants which he had been wearing for DAYS!
(Click the previous achieves and you'll realize that)


Filling up the forms in the border.


Me, being the tai-ka-cheh queuing up to have the passports stamped.



5 passports,109
4 different nationality.



Then... we're back in Brunei.

Don't worry if you wanna see more of Yohei.
We met up the next day again and this time, I played the driver and tour guide bringing them around BSB.

p.s: Dunno why still a bit malas in blogging lah... Need to get my blog bugs back.


Anonymous said...

omg! in one of the group pic vict's butt is showing..

Nonnie King said...

She's wearing pants inside, don't worry