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KK Road Trip (Day 1) - You reckon?

Nonnie blabbers: Urgh! I love beaches but I hate sand fleas! Now I'm seen constantly scratching like no tomorrow. Those lamb chops were incredible! Bye Yohei. Sorry I'm not coming to see you off. But I'll see you in facebook and Tokyo, if I've earn enough. And you'll be hearing me swearing *toot* EXPENSIVE!


Last Sunday night was a mini-blast. Ness's wedding, chilling out at Coffee Bean and making a lot of noises and camwhoring here and there, finally I got to rest in Atul's crib. I like her room, its just so cozy and comfy. Thanks tul, for giving me a place to sleep over.

The initial plan was us (Bobby & I) taking the first boat to Temburong and meet them up. Abuthen, Yohei's flight was delayed *cough*AirAsia*cough* and they arrived Temburong late and on Monday morning, Alex had to rush back to Limbang and renew his driving license, I reckon?

(Crap. Yohei's disease! I keep saying the word "reckon" these days) 

And so Bobby and I took our sweet time and went to Au Lait for an early breakfast.


Then Bobby's dad dropped us at the jetty to take the boat.


Lesson learned.
Take the blue-yellow boat instead of the red-white one. Well, unless you have plenty of time to kill lah. 15 mins difference you know!


Reli soi lor. I had a huge big zit on my face and..... my "big auntie" just came with no prior notice! Then hor, when Alex came and picked us up, first thing he speak to me was,


Very nice sifichai. very nice. smile_angry
Know your girlfriend pretty lah, step me like that.

That's Vict, Alex's (the driver) girlfriend.
Sibeh good in camwhoring! Seriously good! She instructed us.. more like me saja, posing most of the time. The thing is, my pau face never serves me pretty. 

Haih. When pretty and cute, pose what also pretty. 


And that's Yohei. The crazy Tokyo boy who's very different from those Jap guy I see from drama. When Alex told me he looks like Andy Lau I thought he's just talking "male chicken". From certain angle and when Yohei is not making any silly face, he does look like Andy Lau.

Don't play play.
When we went shopping for souvenirs, those cashiers/ sales assistants also commented that. They were giggling among themselves and when Yohei paid up for the Sabah tea, they told him he looks like a Chinese superstar. Then the kaypo me interrupted and said, "Andy Lau?" and they shouted, "YES!!! ANDY LAU!!!".

Okay, enough of Yohei kun. Now let's balance up.
Let introduce you.... Mr. Alex, our driver and the "uncle" of the trip.


Hope I didn't scare you off.

Hiao bah him, go where Vict's fedora and Yohei's sunnies.


The queue at the ferry, which was just nice.
We only waited for 2 round trips.


How nostalgic.


The weather was just nice too. There's thick clouds but the rain just ain't falling.


At the Sarawak/Sabah border.

This custom counter is just plain weird. The booth that you saw where the black car parked is Sarawak's. Then the one further down the road belongs to Sabah. Sabah and Sarawak both belong to the same country, and anyone care to enlighten me why our passport need to be chopped, again?



Stopped by Sipitang to grab a bite.

Our first official meal was taken in... ceng ceng ceng, KFC!
LOL. Nothing beats crunchy spicy chicken and a cup of ice coke.


Since Sipitang is just by the seaside... what else we do?
Take pictures lah!


Thank God I still have Bobby. Standing beside him makes me feel thinner.
Sorry Bi, our diet plan must on ah I tell you.

4kg of difference.

Yup. Bobby is heavier than Yohei by 4kg but heck!
Look at the difference!


Reaching KK.16

Those clouds on the mountains were so captivating.

The chubby couple. Sorry, we're no Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty.17

I didn't know it was take until I glanced through Yohei's pictures.
Stupid Yohei.  

It took us 30mins to find the place we're staying. Few nights before the trip I asked Alex (the smart ass) if I should print out the map and he said no need. Sekali, he didn't print out the email with the owner's number and we waited for another 30mins for him to call back Brunei and asked his sister to log in email account and read out the phone number.

Alex making the call, Bobby dunno checking what out and Yohei being silly.

So while waiting for the owner to come, apa lagi.... take photos lah.  

The first group picture.19

Beauty and the beast uncle.

Yohei posing.

Nope. He's not trying to be a statue.
He's actually showing us some tennis pose and we very no-give-face kept laughing.

Don't tell me you think there's nothing funny about the above picture and don't understand why were we laughing ah. And, he's not fooling around and simply hantam pose one, he IS a real tennis instructor who charged USD25 for a 90mins lesson.

Alex: Anyone want to take him home?

No picture for the place we stay but I'll post it up in the next entry. I wanna give that place some publicity and the owner is a really nice man, with expensive collection of cars.  

After unpacking and taking a nice hot shower, off we went to OneBorneo.

So Christmasy~

By the way, can anyone tell me why NBT does not have Xmas deco this year? I was so disappointed when I drove pass last Friday and realized it was empty! How can?

The first shop Bobby took an initiative to check out.


What else? Football jerseys lah!
And its not hard to guess his favorite team.

Picture with the glittery reindeer and foamy snowman.


This door and those lion statues is a must to take picture with!


And, we had dinner at the same old sucky place (click here, scroll down and check what kind of stupid service I had from the kanasai waitress). This time we didn't order any seafood, only plain household dishes like kai-lan, tofu, deer meat and one soup. And when the bill came, its RM98!

What the kangaroo!

Stupid so-call infamous seafood food court, bloody bloodsuckers!

And that's all for day 1.
Will blog about day 2 soon... or maybe the BBQ picnic first... depends on my mood.

By the way, the sup result is out already and I didn't have any sup paper. Sorry if I sound a little too sombong but, its what I expected. I'm aiming for at least 3As!





I just wanna add this in because when I was reading my 2007-August archives, I realized Bobby really is full of ... nonsense when it comes to lame jokes!

We're so bored while traveling in the car and hence I said a lot of knock-knock jokes. Lame I know, but its good to kill time.

Me: Ask me! Ask me!
Bobby: Knock Knock.
Me: Who's there?
Bobby: Limpeh.
Me: Limpeh who?
Bobby: Limpeh ai pang jio kin kui meng!

(In Hokkien, it means "I wanna pee quick open the door!)

Then hor, when its my turn to ask...

Me: Knock knock.
Bobby: ......
Me: Oi! Say who's there lah!
Bobby: No one's home bah.


Puke blood ah I tell you.

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