Tuesday, December 2, 2008


....sort of.


My exams were finally over.
Now comes the anticipation for the results.

I had not gone near my lappie for the past 8 days and I'm quite surprise myself that I was not (emotionally) attached to it as I originally thought. I know I have a lot to catch up with the latest news and tons of photos to post up. Question is... I have no idea where to start!

My birthday was like... a month ago. I'm not sure if some of my "classmates" will be ok if I post up the photos taken in the SSS tuition and gathering. And the latest event that I'd gone to was Sol and Mett's wedding.

Hmm.. Give me some time.
I need time to PS those pictures.

Oh btw, I gained 2" on my waist just within 2 weeks.
The study week and the exam week.

That's me (duh...), before I gained that 2" with extra puffiness on face.

And I have this really ugly pimple that just won't heal between my eyes. I look like Buddha (Kuan-Yin). Or Bobby prefer to think that I look more like an Indian now with that pimple. Ha.Ha.  

Can't wait to go back Seria, lie on my bed with air-con, Astro and 24/7 internet..
Not to mention, HOMECOOK MEALS!
I'm getting really sick of Nasi Katok and Cup Noodles! I need more veggies!

Will update more once I got the blog-bugs back.
I still have not recovered from the exhaustion actually.

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LuUeE - pooh pooh head said...

hahahah..Nonnie.. o ya.. ho.. fogot.. always should be Iwan here first la.. hai.. this year so sad couldn't be there to celebrate your birthday with u.. and give a present.. ahaaha.. aiyo.. looks fantastic la your birthday.. even got 4 cakes lagi,.. weiyoh.. so cool lei.. hahahahaha..